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    On Plagiarism: A Teacher's Point of View

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    What is a different perspective on plagiarism, and how do the events of accusation sometimes unfold?

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    Professor Daniels, you teach English, correct? It is interesting that you have such an open mind to the topic. As a librarian, I work in a very collaborative environment. Also, from an efficiency standpoint, the cost (direct and indirect) do not justify "re-creating" the wheel. We share lots...nationally.

    For papers, I guess my thought was the very blatant "print off the essay directly from the website" ...

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    The author of this piece provides a different perspective on plagiarism and how the events of accusation sometimes unfold. Truth of the matter is that such situations aren't always the student's fault. Plagiarism is an issue that is brought up semester after semester on campuses. Some students intentionally do it, but teachers also have a responsibility to thoroughly examine situations of offense before making an accusation. Not only can it affect the student's reputation, but the professor's as well; if it is discovered that the student isn't in the wrong.