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Understanding Fairness in the Classroom

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Which of the teacher dispositions relates to the concept of fairness? How does a teacher display fairness in the classroom? Give two concrete examples.

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This solution will assist the student in better understanding how teachers can exercise fairness in the classroom.

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Which of the teacher dispositions relates to the concept of fairness?

The dispositions, because they don't have an official measurement of quality, rely on the student's perception, in addition to the intention of the teacher.

Thus, the student's understanding of what is fair is directly correlated with the teacher's intention of fairness (i.e. how the teacher behaves and teaches in the classroom).

The dispositions have a moral standard within them and this moral standard includes fairness.

1. Empathy - Fairness would be not just accepting the student's point of view but having a true grasp of the student's point of view. Therefore there is accurate communication of that understanding. The teacher seeks to establish a relationship with that student and is committed to sensitivity.

2. Positive View of Others - The ...

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