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    Ramifications of Teacher's Strike

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    I need a 1 page write with one reference discussing your opinion as to whether or not the Chicago teachers union should get their demands that they forwarded for resolution of the strike. Give implications, in your estimation, of what you think good or bad would be the ramifications both ways: teachers get their way and administration gets its way.

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    For some sources (that actually give opinions rather than just reporting):






    Summary of the issues:

    - Teacher evaluation system the unions opposed (using standardized tests to penalize teachers, this is THE issue).
    - Teacher evaluation system: teachers can be penalized if they are overseeing low performing schools.
    Obama (and Emmanuel) both hold that there needs to be some financial penalty for schools that are under-performing the national average.
    - The unions claim that it is not the fault of teachers if kids don't want to learn, or they get no positive reinforcement at home.
    - It seems that both arguments are right. If anything, using test score performance might give the district schools reason to "fudge" the numbers to avoid a penalty.
    - Obama and Emmanuel both hold that accountability needs to hit them in the pocketbook (it should be noted that these reform plans had been part of the Republican Party's approach to education for a long time. Obama calls it his "race to the top" program).
    - 17.6% raise given to teachers over 4 years (union wanted 30%)
    - No increases in health insurance taken out of salary
    - School year extended (unions against)
    - Laid off ...

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    The ramifications of teacher's strikes are discussed. The implications of good and bad ramifications are determined.