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Cynicism Regarding Bureaucracies

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News media outlets regularly report on incidents in which bureaucracies engage in corrupt practices, waste funds, enforce seemingly pointless regulations and employ incompetent workers. In some cases bureaucracies fail to perform essential tasks. Not surprisingly, as a result of such coverage, Americans have very low opinions of government agencies and the persons who work in them. Are Americans justified in their cynicism and contempt for bureaucracies? Why or why not?

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This solution provides some arguments for and against bureaucracies. The article is comprised of points that may be used for either side of this debate in an essay or presentation.

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There are several books out there making a similar case.

The basic approach against bureaucracy is that, since they are not disciplined by free markets, they have no clear incentive to be efficient. Yet, we can make the claim that the bureaucracies of the private sector are just as large and wasteful as the bureaus of government (at all levels). On top of ...

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