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    Should Bureaucracies possess the power to define laws?

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    Should bureaucracies have so much discretion and power to decide who gets benefits or to define laws? Do you agree with bureaucracy power? If not, how do you feel that the government can reduce their powers?

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    The reality of bureaucracy in the entire governmental structure makes the issue of taking a position on their power and how they exert it rather facetious because the fact is that they have immense power regarding federal policy-making and will continue to do so in the future. Bureaucracies are responsible for implementing governmental policy and this is why they have so much discretion in deciding who gets benefits or how to define the policies. The president and congress must work collectively with bureaucracies to ensure that policies promoted by these most important factions of government are passed, which is where the power of bureaucracies emanates from (Spark Notes, 2012).

    Therefore, the goal should be improvement of how this power is ...

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    This solution gives a synopsis of the current power that bureaucracies possess in creating laws and defining how these laws will be enforced.