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Difference Between Three Old Schools

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Please research and give me the differences between the following schools:
1. Epicurian
2. Stoicism
3. Cynicism
Then I need to write a paper on what school I would fit best into with my beliefs, etc.
thank you, Judy

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The differences between three old schools are given. Epicurian, stoicism and cynicism is examined.

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Cynicism (440 BCE) was an ancient Greece philosophy which focused heavily on virtue. Cynics believed that virtue is the only thing necessary for happiness. They abandoned the material world and society as a whole. Their name means "dog" in Greek because many believed they lived like dogs and lacked good hygiene, like dogs. They wanted to place a heaviy emphasis on nature. They tried hard to recruit common people to join them in this quest. Cynics did not believe in education, they ...

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