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    Application of Concepts

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    Apply concepts identified in class to your life.

    Address the following:

    Dependable Strengths ->(107 examples of possible strengths: Athletic, Resourceful, Adaptable, Motivated to Achieve, Organized, Initiator, Analytical, Managing, Altruistic, Playful, Ehical, Leader, Communicator, Competitive, Caring, Considerate, Broad perspective, Brave, Observant, Hopeful, Careful, Imaginative, Practical, Sensitive, Mentoring, Strong faith, Organized, Appreciative of beauty, Persistent, Disciplined, Authentic, Empathic, Evenhanded, Focused, Goal-Oriented, Curiosity, Socially responsible, Thinks ahead, Articulate, Cooperative, Tolerant, Creative, Kind, Grateful, Trustworthy, Aware of feelings, Honest,, Artistic, Sees patterns, Brings people together, Sympathetic, Hospitable, Inquisitive, Cheerful, Intellectual, Self controlled, Introspective, Follows through, Intelligent, Zestful, Lifetime learner, Inventive, Thtifty, Researching, Charismatic, Efficient, Fair, Open minded, Optimistic, Responsible, Problem solver, Intuitive, Self confident, Intense, Friendly, Wisdom, Enthusiastic, Balanced, Prudent, Energetic, Generous, Responsible, Even tempered, Enjoys people, Witty, Courageous, Original, Diplomatic, Loyal, Skilled negotiator, Mechanical, Persuasive, Planner, Coordinating, Foresight, Critical thinker, Humility, Spiritual, Musical, Technical, Spatial, Computing)

    1. List the four dependable strengths that you identified with the help of people
    - How can you apply your strengths to your academic goals?
    - How can you apply your strengths to your personal relationships?

    2) Victim and Creator
    - Consider the quote, ?Whatever we focus on increases and become our reality?
    - What does this quote mean to you?
    - Discuss the terms victim and creator
    - What would it mean for you to focus on what you can change, versus what you cannot change in your life and how may this change your life?

    3) Personal Responsibility
    - Define Personal Responsibility
    - What changes in your beliefs, thinking patterns, and/or behaviors do you believe you need to make to ultimately take control of your life and be your best self?
    - How will you keep yourself accountable to making these changes?

    ? The Shift? and ? What the Bleep do We Know?
    - What movie or section of movie resonated with you the most? Discuss.
    - What movie or section of movie did not resonate with you? Discuss.
    - Based on Dr. Wayne Dyer?s movie, ?The Shift?, discuss how you believe shifting your choices from ambition to meaning would look in your life?

    Connecting Your Learning
    - Connect something you learned from this course to a learning objective.

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    Dependable Strengths

    The first part of the assignment has to do with dependable strengths. This is a belief that inside of everyone is a unique form of excellence. By taking time to reflect and consider our dependable strengths, we can improve the quality of our lives and go fourth and do meaningful work to help others.

    With the help of people around me, I discovered, for example, that my four strongest dependable strengths are my ability to be sympathetic toward others, my cheerful mood even when I am feeling down, my self-control, and my inquisitive nature. These strengths can easily be applied to academic goals because all four are needed to keep a good perspective on life and a good focus on succeeding. For example, the ability to be sympathetic helps when fellow classmates are having a bad day. To sit and help them through a crisis is rewarding, and in turn, it helps me to cope with problems that I am having too. I see that I am not alone with my own problems, and by helping others, I am in a sense helping myself to cope as well.

    Keeping a cheery disposition is also a great way to stay focused and achieve my academic goals. With humor comes happiness. When we are happy, we are able to deal with just about anything that comes our way including finals! This also cheers up the people around us, and in turn, we all have a better environment to achieve success in.

    Self control is also another dependable strength that will help to achieve academic goals. This provides the skills needed to study, to resist temptation, and to work to full potential. As well, being inquisitive fosters learning. With an inquisitive nature, I ask a lot of questions and learn deeply because of it. This way I provide a solid foundation of learning and am able to better comprehend the lesson unit.

    In the same way that this applies to school, this can apply to personal relationships. For example, having ...

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