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    Programming Language Design Overview

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    If you want to develop your own programming language, what would you do and what would you need? Give a draft of the main items that you need to determine or design before starting to build your own language. Discuss what some real world applications might be for your programming language. Give it a name.

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    Hi, I hope you'll understand that knowing what application you have in mind for your language is what would help you choose the specifics of how to design it. Naming it is, of course, the fun part!

    Let me give some background of what may drive different language types and the general tools used.

    First, all languages must define a syntax, that is, the text words that represent concepts the language recognizes. These concepts can be assembled in various sequences to form valid sentences or statements the language knows how to execute. This leads to the first item needed: a ...

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    The concepts and tools needs to design your own computer language are examined. ..