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    Mock town hall meeting: Substance Abuse

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    I would like assistance in understanding the following as it pertains to my topic of choice: Substance abuse in the region of Columbus, Ohio

    Guidelines for the Moderator

    Part One: Examine the problem and barriers to recognizing the existence, magnitude, urgency and relevance of the problem.

    1. Clearly identify your region and problem.
    2. Provide a thorough analysis of the problem and barriers to recognizing that it is a problem. Cite at least five high quality sources to support the arguments you make in the following sections.
    a. What is the problem? What is this problem significant in your region? Include information about the existence, magnitude, urgency, and relevance of the problem. How many people does it affect? Whom does it affect? How does it affect them? You must cite at least two high quality sources in this section.
    b. What is at least one barrier that may prevent the target audience from believing the problem is significant in your region and how can you overcome those barriers? You must cite at least one high quality sources in this section.

    I am not concerned about finding credible sources, I have never conducted a mock town hall meeting as it relates to persuasion. I am just looking for an outline for writing the paper.

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    First, Town Hall Meetings are by nature intended to be persuasive. It is the aim that through the sharing of community concerns about a topic, more people will be motivated to act on that concern. By definition, this is "persuasion." You began with somewhat of a rough outline, and I've helped to flesh it out a bit more. The specific questions that you identify above in "a." and "b." can help you in my outline, but I've presented mine more simply so you have a straight-forward idea of what goes where and in what order. Please let me know if this helps or if you need more guidance. Additionally, if you'd like me to review your work once you write it, please select me as the expert to work with. (Dr. B. 111055)

    I. Identify the ...

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    The expert examines a mock town hall meeting for substance abuse. The regions and problems are identified.