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Statistics and Sampling: Example Problem

Assume we have three different samples each comprised of 20 different jurisdications. Our objective is to compare the seriousness of juvenile substance abuse across all the samples. Sample 1 has en average of 1862 arrests of youth substance abuse; Sample 2 has an average of 3965 and Sample 3 has an average of 2398 arrests.

Which of the following statements would be correct:

A. Sample 2 has a much more seious juvenile substance abuse problem than either of the other two samples.
B. Without calculating a standardized measure across all three samples it is not possible to accurately compare the three samples.
C. The average is a standardized measure and therefore allows for an accurate comparison between the samples.
D. Using arrests to measure the seriousness of substance abuse is not a correct operationalization for the concept of seiousness

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When we look at samples, there is no way that we can compare them side by side unless we have some type of standard way to measure them against each other.

For example, in our samples mentioned above, how do we know how large the population is? For example, ...

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