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Strategic Planning Regarding Budgetary Issues- How to Advice

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Due to the immediate need for drastic budget cuts, your city government decided the local library must shorten its operating hours by 4 hours each week. This change means the local schools will not be able to engage students in extracurricular activities on Friday each week. The government has to inform the public of the need to shorten operating hours. What approach could your government use to inform the public of this need in the best interest of budgetary issues?

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Currently, there many governmental agencies that are cutting funding, specifically through reducing hours of operation. It's important to note that this is an issue that is extremely sensitive for a few reasons:

1. It takes away from after hours programming opportunities.

2. It affects the public as a whole. The vast majority of people utilize libraries on a somewhat consistent basis.

3. Tax dollars are supposed to contribute to public libraries and thus, individuals could ...

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This solution provides advice regarding strategic planning in governmental organizations based upon budgetary concerns/ cost reduction. The solution offers detailed information regarding reducing budgetary expenses, communicating budgetary reductions, and budgetary advice.