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Effective Budgets

Many people believe the budgeting process is wasteful and ineffective. They maintain that managers spend too much time focusing on budgeting mechanics and not enough on strategic issues. They believe that emphasis on the budgeting process causes managers to neglect more important matters, such as eliminating nonvalue-adding activities that waste resources. Critics of the budgeting process also maintain that the information and formats that managers use in budgets fail to communicate the short-term business activities needed to achieve long-term goals.

Questions: How budgets are meaningful and justifiable for an organization? Is there a need for budgeting? What kind of ways you can suggest to make the budgeting process, the budget information, and the budgets themselves efficient, effective, and meaningful? Give detailed examples on any organization.

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Organizational budgets are in fact an important part of the planning process. While many find the use of budgeting to be ineffective, the truth of the ...

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How budgets are meaningful and justifiable for an organization are examined.