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HR Challenges: International Strategic Planning Models

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The questions:
What challenges do HR departments face in realigning their international strategic planning models when growth occurs?
How does the HR department factor in cultural and environmental challenges?

The solution analyzes three challenges, along with how the cultural environments may be incorporated to overcome issues. It is difficult for HR departments to have "one size fits all" policies and procedures when operations occur internationally. There can be vast differences in laws and perceptions of what occurs in the workplace.

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There are several challenges a Human Resource Department (HRD) faces in adjusting international strategic planning models in times of growth. The first challenge is alignment of labor laws which vary from country to country. In the United States, employees whom are non-exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) must be compensated for hours worked in excess of 40; within their designated work week. For the organization with workforces in the United States and abroad, having one strategy for balancing work production may not work. If growth occurs, the HRD may opt to bring in temporary employees for United States operations; rather than paying other workers overtime to manage an increase in demand. However, in other countries, there ...

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This solution is over 450 words and provides three challenges faced when developing strategic planning models with an international function: employment/labor laws, hiring practices and outsourcing practices. What is "common practice" with the United States workforce may not be practical within the international labor market. This solution discusses possible solutions to these challenges.

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