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Serial murder case: Aileen Wuornos

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Collaborate as a mock behavioral research serial murder case: Aileen Wuornos

- Repetitive patterns evident in criminal acts in detail.
- Possible issues in development and life experience that may be identified as possible causes for prevalent criminality and psychopathology in detail.

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The collaborate as a mock behavioral research serial murder case is examined. The repetitive patterns evident in criminal acts in details are determined.

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The case of Wuornos is a case study in how life experiences and how pre-existing issues that are evident within a person's psyche can lead to tragic consequences. Throughout her life Wuornos faced physical and sexual abuse at the hand of men. Her earliest experiences were of being prostituted by men for monetary gain and drug abuse. Therefore, she experienced a life of abuse characterized by men who were sexually abusive and at one point she even lived in an area where she was living in a tent selling sex as a child. She experienced incest and even reportedly had her brother's child at an early age. Her early years were horrific and she was mandated to the life of a career cross-country prostitute by the age of 16. This life witnessed her face even more sexual abuse at the hand of 'Johns' who would rape and beat her often.

Upon a chance meeting with a female waitress, Wuornos fell in ...

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