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Serial Killer typologies

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Please help providing answers for the following questions:
1. Identify a serial murder case.
2. Provide a brief summary of the case detailing information concerning the crime.
3. What are the demographics of victimization in the case you have chosen?
4. What method(s) was/were used by the perpetrator to select the victim?
5. Analyze what role, if any, the victims played in their selection and facilitation.
6. What could the victims have done differently to avoid being victimized?
7. What were the short and long-term impacts on the families of the victims?
8. What typologies best explains the perpetrator's violent behavior?
9. Do you agree with the current disposition of the perpetrator?
10. What programs have been created to aid in the protection against and prevention of these types of crimes?

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Research a serial murder case.

Charles Ng and Leonard Lake are two of the most notorious serial killers in U.S. history because they killed and abducted their victims together while videotaping the sexual torture of woman they abducted before murdering them. The crimes included the abduction of neighbors and their victims ranged from male adults killed to get their spouses to infant children murdered once they had acquired their mothers. The sinister and evil nature of these crimes lies within the fact that much of their activity was videotaped by Ng.

Provide a brief summary of the case detailing information concerning the crime.

What are the demographics of victimization ...

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This solution analyzes the serial killers Charles Ng and Leonard Lake two of the most sinister and evil serial killers to ever live, providing a summary of the case and the demographics of their victims.

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Serial killers usually pursue a particular type of victim. Analyzing the characteristics of a killer's victims can greatly assist the effort to create a typology of the killer.
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