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    Argumentation Techniques and the Language of Persuasion

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    You have spent much of the last five weeks learning about various argumentation techniques and the language of persuasion. You read and wrote about both, but this is knowledge is useful beyond the college environment. Think about that as you identify and write about a time when you would use the language of argument in written form in the "real world." Explain what type of material you would be called upon to write, as well as what elements of argumentation you see yourself employing. Then think of yourself as a reader. Point out how your knowledge of argumentation methods will help you analyze various things you read. Be as specific as possible.

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    Just yesterday I wrote a letter of dissatisfaction to a restaurant that I went to over the weekend. My parents were celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary, and we wanted to take them someplace memorable. It was a memorable experience, but not in a good way! Our service was horrible, the food was like rubber, and the restaurant was dirty which is not what we expected from their high ratings.

    In order to write my argument to the restaurant manager, I ...

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