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Leadership Skills

Developing Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

1) Do you think it is appropriate for a leader to spend time developing a team's emotional intelligence (EI)? 2) Why or why not? 3) What would be the advantages/disadvantages? 4) Discuss specific circumstances/influences/parameters that may impact a leader's decision to spend time fostering the development of EI.

Leadership In Interdependent Team Behaviour

Given the importance of highly functioning self-managed teams, what leadership style best supports high functioning interdependent team behavior? Based on your readings, what things do you think leaders need to do, demonstrate, or embody in order to support this type of self-management?

Leaders concerned with people vs management

How might a leader being more concerned with people as opposed to management contribute to an organization's success? In other words, what might it promote among followers that would advance the organizational goals?

Following and Leading Ideals

As a leader, what would you want most from followers? As a follower, what would you want most from your leader? How do these differ? How are they the same?

Leaders Using Communication to Influence and Persuade Others

1. How do leaders use communication to influence and persuade others? Think of someone you have known who is skilled in the art of persuasion. What makes this person an effective communicator? 2. Does the Johari Window seem like a good framework for leaders who want to create better communications among team members? Can you

Value Leadership

After watching the Ethical Leadership: Why Should We Care About Value Leadership? video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueI-_ZeuJ7s 1). assess why positive attitudes are essential for leaders. 2). In addition, share how the filters of value system impact the attitude of an ethical leader. 3). Lastly, why is l

Changing Leadership

Search appropriate scholarly sources and locate examples of case studies where leaders have faced problems maintaining change and buckled under pressure. Why do organizations have problems following up with change after successful implementation? Suggest ways to handle these challenges and ways to motivate people within the orga

Leadership: Business Person I Admire

Please identify a business person (profit or non-profit) who you admire and articulate: -Name and Industry of this person (does not have to be a famous person) -How you know of this person? -Why this person stands out to you? -How this person may influence you for your future in business.

An overview of the approaches of studying leadership

Write an overview on one of the major approaches to studying leadership. Include the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen leadership approach. Provide an example in which this leadership approach was used in an organization.

The Leadership of President Lincoln

Based on the movie "Lincoln" by Steven Spielberg: -Using specific examples from the movie to illustrate your responses, describe how President Lincoln demonstrated his technical, human, and conceptual skills. Did Lincoln appear to rely on some type(s) of skills more than others? Explain and be sure to use specific examples fr

I have lots of trouble with power point

I not only have trouble with power point I have no idea where to start with this assignment. I am including a description of what the assignment consists of. 4 - 6 slides with speaker notes of 200 - 250 words per slide (excluding Title and Reference slides) Details: Leaders face many hurdles when leading in multiple co

Leadership Theories and Organizational Behaviour

A. The Management textbook describes three different types of leadership theories: early, contingency, and contemporary. Which of these leadership theories is the most complementary with your view of leadership and its place in management? B. How can an understanding of organizational behavior help a manager improve employee

Professional Value of Solution-Focused Leadership

Describe how the solution-focused learning (SFL) process of diagnosis, research, solution, implementation, and evaluation is of professional value to individuals within the context of Leading Innovation and Change. Give an example.

Leadership and Gender

1. Do you think that men and women lead the same or differently? 2. Are men or women more ethical and socially responsible leaders? 3. Would you prefer to have a man or a women for a boss? 4. Is it ethical and socially responsible to say that one gender makes better leaders? 5. Should global companies appoint wom

Leadership Experience for Campus/State Event

To serve as leader/co-leaders for entertainment portion such as Chinese Spring13 Festival at any campus in the state to develop and execute a plan for the overall leadership experience. Requirements - Brief explanation of what the benefits are from getting involved in such an event for leadership experience and why you cho

Change Leadership: Bogus Empowerment vs. Genuine Empowerment

How can you ensure that your plan and approach for Lowe's home improvement won't end up as bogus empowerment (Ciulla, 1996)? - Compare the features of your plan against the characteristics of bogus empowerment vs. genuine empowerment to show how your plan incorporates the features of genuine empowerment rather than bogus emp

Identifying Servant Leadership Within an Organization

Identify the following (relating to implementing servant leadership within your organization): (a) Stakeholders who would be advocates or supporters (b) Potential challenges or obstacles and how you would overcome them.

Implementing Servant Leadership

Explain how implementing servant leadership would impact the ability of the organization to realize its vision and accomplish its goals.

Communication in Change Leadership

Examine Lowe's home improvement store for communication failures. Three different approaches to change are presented. List the specific failures you looked for and what you found Include evidence that the communication has failed Explain how the theory and readings helped you accomplish this task Address how you might rep

Leadership in the 21st Century

Why is leadership so important and sought after in the 21st century? And how is leadership linked to organisational leadership? Can we measure leadership and if so how do we do it?

Leading for Performance

1. What does it mean to lead for performance? 2. Compile a concise and thorough leadership mission, which describes your leadership approach and how you plan to provide leadership as a public administrator. 3. What is the purpose of moral leadership from a public administrator? 4. The reading assignment for this unit

People-Oriented and Task-Oriented Leadership

1. What kind of leadership best describes you? 2. After studying leadership this semester, would the way you define leadership change? If so, in what way? If not, why not? 3. Do you agree that that how you define leadership accurately reflects your style of leadership? If yes, why? If not, why not? 4. Choose one style of lea

The Importance of Cultural Intelligence in Leadership

Leaders at all levels must continue to hone their leadership attributes in order to identify different situations within an organization as it relates to employees, peers, and supervisors. As society continues to evolve and become more diverse these leaders must understand not only the work culture, but social culture in regards

Dimensions of Leadership

1. Synthesize the importance of psychological dimensions of leadership such as emotional intelligences and the spiritual dimensions of leadership. 2. What factors drive dependent and interdependent behavior in leaders in organizations?

Characteristics of a Change Leader

What are the personal and professional characteristics of a change leader? How can a leader's vision and strategies help to overcome resistance? Find at least two real life examples of cases where leaders have influenced positive change by creating the right vision to guide action. Substantiate your responses with relevant citat

Employee Responsibilities and Leader Decisions

During a day at work, people make many decisions. Do you believe there is a difference between a business decision and an ethical decision or are they one in the same? Give a specific example of a decision that you have had to make at work and discuss its relation to being an ethical decision, business decision, or both.