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Leadership Skills

Non-Rational Models 395 word essay with reference

Human relations within an organization are essential to performance and operations. Discuss in detail the non rational models of X, Y, and Z as well as how they relate to human relations in an organization. 395 word essay with reference

Understanding the implications of emotional intelligence is vital to being a successful leader. If a manager lacked maturity in "EI" and reacted to negative news at work by yelling, screaming and throwing objects - it is unlikely their subordinates would have any respect for them. This solution provides "real world" examples of EI and how it impacts one's ability to lead.

The student question submitted was: What are the implications of emotional intelligence for leaders? Explain your answer using personal examples. In about 300 words, this solution discusses how leaders lead by example - whether they want to or not, and regardless if they are aware of this dynamic or not. Understanding emot

Differences in Leadership and Culture Between Countries

I am writing out a 500 word (references not included) response in relation to the article - "Leadership and culture in Mexico"(Jon P Howell et al, 2007 Journal of World Business) I am attempting to identify and describe some of the general elements that were measured by the GLOBE study related to the article. I need assistenc

Article Critique on Dilemmas Leaders Face

Critique the article "The Nine Dilemmas Leaders Face." Begin with an introduction that defines the subject of the critique and a point of view. Defend the point of view by raising specific issues or aspects of an argument. Conclude the critique by summarizing the argument and re-emphasizing an opinion. 1. Identify and expl

Leadership in the Public Policy Making Process

Successful public policies often hinge upon the ability of talented leaders to develop, promote, and execute those public policies. In a two-page paper, discuss which leadership traits you feel are the most important in the creation of sound public policies. Some questions to consider are: does a leader's educational background

Assessment of Strategic Leaders

Dear OTA, I would like to ask for assistance with the following problem. The leaders are Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. 1. I am researching two leaders and want to describe the factors that make these leaders strategic. 2. Analyze and identify the commonalities in terms of these leaders' personalities, communication s

Leader-Member Exchange

(a). Based on the LMX Theory and Table 8.1 "Phases in Leadership Making" found on page 166 of the Leadership pdf, what phase best describes Sir Ernest Shackleton's relationship with his men? Explain your answer. (b). As a follower, share your LMX 7 Questionnaire score and define the quality of your leader-member exchange as

Comparison of Business Leadership

The analysis and evaluation of these leadership examples must be based on the concepts of business leadership management. Can you help me with the following task? You can select two leaders and go from there. The format of the task is to be as follows: 1. Analysis and evaluation of Leader #1 2. Analysis and evaluation o

Traits of an Effective Leader

Looking back across your employment to date, take a moment to reflect back on someone whom you consider to be an effective leader. What style of leadership did this individual possess? What were some of the attributes that assisted them in their role as leader? Was there anything they could have done to improve their leadership

Relationship-Oriented Leader

A relationship-oriented leader manages a restaurant and is in a very unfavorable situation. He or she must lead and improve the favorability of the situation so that it becomes moderately favorable. What would he or she do?

Contemporary Leadership

1. Create a group of four standards that you will use to evaluate leadership models. For example, one standard might be: It has been shown to lead to improved performance. Use these standards to evaluate three models of contemporary leadership (include servant leadership as one of these three models). 2. Identify the aspect

Encouraging Self-Leadership

Your supervisor has been reading about self-leadership and is intrigued by the concept and wants to know more about it. Discuss how she can encourage self-leadership and which conditions would encourage self-leadership to be more likely to occur.

Failures in Leadership

I could use a few ideas in the topic of the causes and consequences of failure in leadership, as well as the lessons that can be learned from such incidents, for a paper I am writing. Any references you can also provide would be appreciated.

Keeping employees motivated is essential to ensuring job performance is at its best. Employees are motivated in different ways; with some simply needing a "kudos" from their manager, while others are motivated by monetary incentives. The solution provides several examples of how employees may be motivated. The second part of this solution addresses what makes a leader successful. The solution is over 400 words.

The specific case study questions asked by the student were: 1. Determine how you would keep your employees motivated to do the best job they could. Provide specific examples to support your response. 2. Determine the key elements of leadership you would need to be successful in your business venture. Explain your rationale.

Leadership: Facebook's CEO

Research the background of Facebook's CEO and include the following information in a power point presentation: Introduction: The CEO's name and a little about his personal background including his education and major professional experiences before assuming this current position. Abilities, traits, and experiences that ha

Matching Leadership Style to Individual Development.

Word count 150 for each question. 1. Why does Ken Blanchard (in the SLII model) place so much emphasis on matching leadership style to individual development style? 2. How should leaders change strategy if feedback indicates a change is in order?

Leader-Member Exchange Theory

Compare and contrast the leader-member exchange theory presented in the textbook with the idea of 'follower self-leadership' researched in this week's journal article. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and how might the shortcomings of each be overcome? Would either approach be applicable for an organisation

Interventions in the Workplace

City of Carlsbad, California: Restructuring the Public Works Department (A) 1. What is your diagnosis of the situation in the Public Works department? 2. How would you proceed from this point? 3. What interventions would you recommend and why? 4. For your preferred intervention, develop and action plan for implement

Participative or Democratic Leadership Styles

Using your assessment of preferred leadership style, which do you favor and does that leadership style work in all realms of your life? Cite references to support your position. (Answer provided in approximately 100 words).

Leader In-Group and Out-Group Subordinates

I would like to write at least 2 pages for the question below. What might be some of the consequences of a leader having a relatively small in-group and a large out-group of subordinates?

Charismatic Leadership Style

Identify one negative trait of charismatic leadership and detail how you are going to keep from aligning that trait with your Charismatic leadership style. Your score on each dimension in the test "How Charismatic am I?" will range from 4 to 20. The higher your score, the more you demonstrate charismatic leader behaviors. Whi

What's My Leadership Style?

Using your "What's My Leadership Style" score, identify one aspect of your current leadership style that you must change in order to fit into your leadership style on your score. Use cited references to support your findings. My Scores are: Concern for People is: 10 Concern for Task is : 12 Anything 10 or higher is con

Leadership Style Scenario

You have an employee who spends most of his time developing a side business instead of focusing on organizational work. He is long-tenured, productive and well-liked, yet you constantly find him working on his side business. What leadership style would you use to approach this employee? If he doesn't bother anyone else and is pr

Martha Stewart Omnimedia

Conduct research on Martha Stewart Omnimedia (MSO), focusing on the period when it was most successful (before the current crisis). What kinds of leadership patterns can you discern that would explain the earlier success of MSO? What other factors besides leadership can you attribute to MSO's earlier success? How would leade

Leaders Creating Strong Culture in Organizations

Can you discuss the following 2 questions in APA format and cite references please? Thank you. 1) How can a leader or founder help create a strong culture in an organization? Can a leader eliminate culture? Explain. 2) What should managers of diverse work forces know about differences in values and spirituality among i