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Leadership Skills

You recently attended a management workshop entitled, "Gender and Leadership," during which the workshop leader related the following statement originally expressed by Bill Clinton

You recently attended a management workshop entitled, "Gender and Leadership," during which the workshop leader related the following statement originally expressed by Bill Clinton: "We need not just a new generation of leadership but a new gender of leadership" ("Clinton pledges fidelity," 1992, p. A2). Respond to this stateme

The Attributes of a Servant Leader

1) Describe the attributes of a servant leader. 2) Why is it an appealing approach to leadership? 3) What concerns would you have regarding it? Thank you in advance.

styles of leadership in healthcare organizations

Can you help me get started on project based on this subject: There can be varying styles of leadership that can be effective in healthcare. Is it possible for a manager to vary his or her style of leadership depending on the situation? What leadership style is most effective for healthcare organizations?

Training Training Backgrounds of the Company Leaders

Two organizations exist in a community. One organization's policies reflect its beliefs that the organization's taxes and employment contributions are sufficient as a social effort. The second organization pursues multiple socially responsible efforts including financial efforts, changes to be a more green organization, and dona

Managing Team Conflict on Internet

Analyze resolutions to team conflict. Team conflict is inevitable because as adults we all have strains and commitments in life! Therefore, it is important to consider how communication or expectations can go badly, and discover methods to resolve it. Often problems are due to misunderstandings or somebody not fully understandi

HR Manager Attract/Promote the Best

Evaluate and identify three (3) methods or guidelines a personnel manager should promote in order to find and attract a competitive workforce. Discuss four (4) opportunities that government can use to increase competition while decreasing the skill gap in potential candidates.

Team Building and Leadership

Give three examples of how an organization's culture, structure, or systems can support or discourage teamwork.

Writing a Leadership Training Plan

I am working with a fictitious organization called MacArthur and Associates (M&A). The senior leadership consisting of the CEO and CFO has requested a training plan on leadership in a learning organization to improve performance. I need help with structure and content of a leadership training plan and projected outcomes. I ha

Discussion Question

Most of you are probably too young to remember Lee Iacocca as CEO of Chrysler. Most people thought it was an interesting choice for Chrysler to have Eaton after Iacocca who was such the face of the automaker for a period. Go to page 233 and read case study 9-1 (attached). Answer the question: Was Robert Eaton a good coach? If so

Communications. Discuss how you would improve your listening skills.

Our alertness to the stimuli that surround us varies from time to time. Sometimes we are keenly alert and pick up the stronger stimuli (especially words). But sometimes we pick up little (as when we are thinking about something, or daydreaming, or in a stupor, or the like). Discuss how you would improve your listening skills.

Leading an Organization

One function of a leader is to provide the vision for the organization they lead. Being a role model and leading the way forward are important aspects of leadership. If you were leading an internet retailer or other organization that involves innovative technology and organizational flexibility, describe the process you would en

Leadership Role in Change Management.

It's been said that "Change is the only constant." Why is that true? As the leader of your organization, discuss how would you prepare your organization to face and survive change?

Metacognitive Skills in Design

Identify a learning opportunity in your organization or an organization with which you are familiar. Describe the ways in which domain-specific metacognitive skills is a factor for those involved and design techniques a designer should use considering metacognitive skills.

Organizational Leadership Methods of Control

A specific recommendation for restructuring the department in such a way that company culture is improved while employees are empowered. Describe the established methods of control and the current departmental and organizational cultures. Recommend a restructuring strategy that would improve the culture and empower empl

Participative Managers Leaders

Let's all be Participative Managers John Peterson is president of JP Chemical Corporation. He is committed to continually improving the company's management through the use of modern management practices. To get new ideas, he attended a management development seminar at a local university. The seminar focused on using partici

Issues in management and leadership.

What can a managerial team do to avoid the lack of opportunities for general manager development? What can a managerial team do to avoid insufficient time devoted to strategic thinking do to too much time being spent on operational issues?

Persuasive Leadership Style

Think of a leader you know personally or a historical (past or present) individual who you think has mastered the art of persuasion. Describe how the leader you have chosen has mastered the following elements: - An understanding of people - The effective use of words - The ability to manage conflict

Leadership in Cultural Communication & Technological Challenges

You are employed at a large global high-tech company that has offices worldwide in such places as Tokyo, London, Bombay, Toronto, Mexico City, Chicago, and Seattle to name a few. Although the sales has been reasonable these past few months even with the global economic crises, an internal crises exists related to employee morale

Leadership and the Learning Processes

In your opinion, what are the most critical areas for leadership within the organization to concentrate on in developing effective learning processes? how must organizations account for the societal aspects affecting organisational learning and knowledge?

Management, Motivation, and Leadership

- How would one keep their employees motivated to do the best job they could? - What are the key elements of leadership that one would need to be successful in a business venture?