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Contemporary Leadership Training Practices.

Describe some of the contemporary leadership training practices. Bringing together the concepts and findings from other readings, what do organisations need to be doing to develop better and more effective leaders? Provide 2-3 examples of organisations that are selecting, training, and assessing their leaders to better connect actions to leadership principles.

Robert J. Allio, (2005),"Leadership development: teaching versus learning", Management Decision, Vol. 43, Iss: 7 pp. 1071 - 1077. http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/00251740510610071.

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Some of the contemporary leadership training practices include sending managers and all potential managers to educational seminars about leadership, in the hopes of these individuals will become effective leaders for those organizations. Another contemporary leadership training practice that many organizations are utilizing is educational attainment, as a means by which to train potential leaders in the organization as to the theoretical knowledge and perspectives on leadership. These organizations also often send their managers and senior management to leadership refresher courses etc., so that these individuals can maintain the present leadership knowledge and skill, as well as to learn ...