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Skinner's reinforcement learning in behavior therapy today

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B. F. Skinner built on the classic behavioristic principles to develop his theory on human behavior. His theory has since been expanded and applied in many practical areas.

Please discuss - (while focusing on Skinner's legacy) by examining contemporary (modern day) applications of his ideas of reinforcement learning in behavior therapy.

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In the first place, as you briefly examine contemporary (modern day) applications of Skinner's ideas of reinforcement learning in behavior therapy, one avenue to explore might be the use of contemporary equilibrium models among therapists.

One article shows these applications:

Viken, R. J., & McFall, R. M. (1994). Paradox Lost: Implications of Contemporary Reinforcement Theory for Behavior Therapy. Current Directions In Psychological Science (Wiley-Blackwell), 3(4), 121-125.

Behavioral parent training, for example, is quite prolific when managing children's behavioral problems. This type relies on Skinner's basic ideologies since "Parent training usually begins with the therapist asking parents to record the incidence of their child's specific prosocial behaviors. After this initial ...

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300 words of references and notes justify some modern day applications of Skinner's ideas of reinforcement learning in behavior therapy.