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Skinner's legacy and current applications

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B. F. Skinner built on the classic behavioristic principles to develop his theory on human behavior. His theory has since been expanded and applied in many practical areas.

Please discuss - (while focusing on Skinner's legacy) by examining contemporary (modern day) applications of his ideas of reinforcement learning in education.

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First off, as you briefly discuss contemporary (modern day) applications of Skinner's ideas of reinforcement learning in education, many classroom management techniques utilize his theories. For example, I worked with at risk teens for 14 years. One simple rule that we had to reinforce and build rapport with them was to offer compliments, affirmations, or encouragement in a ratio of five compliments for every one redirect as a general technique for modifying undesirable behaviors effectively and humanely.

To illustrate, one article talks about the use of a check in/check out (CICO) as a positive behavioral intervention and support for students with an intellectual disability. It articulates the value of teaching positive social behaviors and formulating reciprocal relationships from an early age:

Boden, L. J., Ennis, R. P., & Jolivette, K. (2012). Implementing Check in/Check out for Students With Intellectual ...

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