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Leadership Skills

Servant Leadership, Leadership Communication, and Theory X and Theory Y

Select one out of the first ten Presidents of the USA (George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, or John Tyler) who you consider to be an outstanding example of a servant leader. Conduct independent research on this

Authentic and Servant Leadership

Compare and contrast the theories of authentic leadership and servant leadership. After examining the findings within the journal article reading, how may authentic leadership bring about true and lasting performance by followers? How may elements of servant leadership also generate better follower performance? Journal Articl

Charisma: Making Sense of Motivational Leadership

Evaluate the model presented by the authors with regards to linking charisma to, first, motivation and then to transformation. Identify and analyze the mechanisms by which leaders induce positive emotional experiences, communicate vision, and motivate followers. Finally, evaluate the degree to which the leader's level of charism

Leadership Handbook

Scenario: To help new managers in an organization, you have been asked to create a handbook. The handbook may include graphs, data, photographs, and other information as needed. It should be written in a report/handbook format rather than in an essay format. Each section of the handbook must include at least three references i

Organizational leadership during a project

Imagine that your team at work has been assigned a project that will take 1 year to complete. Prepare a plan that may be applied in a business setting and that would increase a group or team's motivation, satisfaction, and performance. Address specific differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values among t

Financial Leadership Bridge Issues

How can financial leadership bridge the issues of financial risk and clinical risk within healthcare organizations? Most clinical staff members do not understand financial risk beyond the clinical risks that might cost money for the organization, but there are considerable risks in managing the finances of an organization. Mo

This post discusses politically savvy leaders.

The first step to becoming politically savvy is to develop relationships with others. No leader is a leader without followers. No one can lead an organization well if he does not have good relationships with other people inside and outside of the organization. Discuss a leader with whom you are familiar in terms of his or her re

Servant Leadership Theories/Philosophies and Capacities

a) Describe one attribute or capacity of servant leadership and explain how and where you might apply this principle at work or in a community setting you are familiar with. What impact would this leadership style have on the setting? b) Evaluate the following perspective: Although servant leadership is often associated with

Dysfunctional Leadership

Complete a one-page journal of how the information within the readings in this module relate to your own leadership. Have you been involved in Groupthink? Do you consider yourself narcissistic? What can you do to overcome some of your shortfalls in your leadership? See the attached word document for relevant information.

Leadership Theories and Styles

1.) What is the relationship between the emerging leadership theories? What do they have in common? In what ways are they different? Which leads to more effective leadership? 2.) How might you compare servant leadership to other scholarly leadership theories and models of leadership? 3.) What are the goals of transformatio

Leadership: Benefits of Teamwork

In terms of talking about teams, what is your reaction to the statement "Two Heads Are Better Than One?" It can be argued that leaders may have other competing priorities and distracted from the team. With this statement in mind, should the team have and follow one leader or multiple leaders? What is the benefit of having one

Leadership and Loyalty

It is often said that people are not loyal to organizations, they are loyal to their direct supervisor. Many times when a good leader leaves an organization to move on to another organization, he/she takes at least one or two good employees along, because those employees have grown loyal to that boss - not necessarily to the org

Women Leaders

1. Trace the history of women in international leadership positions during the last three decades and discussed the environments the women were successful in (feminine countries versus masculine countries). 2. Analyze and justify the situation regarding women leaders 10 years down the line and gave reasons for your choice.

Leadership in Organizations Behaviors

Complete a one-page journal of how the information within the readings in this module relate to your own leadership. How do you see yourself within your organization as it relates to motivating others and changing behavior of others? Are you an effective follower?

Soft Skills and Hard Skills

Describe soft-skills and hard-skills. Give an example of each. Why do people need soft skills in an era of high technology?

3 Leadership Types

The secret to being a successful manager is to use good communication skills that create a positive image. What are three leadership styles? Give examples of each. Select a leadership style you feel comfortable with as an employee and explain why.

Leadership Grid

Leadership Case (Case adapted from Leadership: Research Finding, Practice, and Skills (4th Edition), DuBrin, A.J. Houghton Mifflin, pp. 130-132.) Westport Industries, a major manufacturer, is trying to close a major contract with Sync Industries to purchase one of its subsidiaries that doesn't seem to fit well with Syncs's ot

Types of Leadership: Advantages and Disadvantages

Consider the different leadership styles outlined below. What are some of the representative behaviors associated with each style of leadership? What are some of the benefits and drawbacks to each particular style? 1.) Task vs Person Leadership 2.) Transactional vs Transformational Leadership 3.) Active vs Passive Leadersh

Organizing Employees within a New Department

The case scenario was: You have just become the supervisor of a new department. What can you do to make the department and its employees more organized? Discuss appointment tools, organization skills, and management strategies. This solution is over 350 words and thoroughly addresses what a supervisor, new to an employee gro

Leadership Development Approaches

Research three of the different leadership development approaches (team building, outdoor leadership development and succession planning) to find out more about your selected programs. Write a comparison of these approaches including their strengths, appropriate uses and obvious limitations.

Leadership style

1. What explanation would you offer to show how the style approach works? In what situations do you think leaders need to be more task oriented, and when do they need to be more relationship oriented? Support with examples. 2. Identify and discuss the three-skills approach and provide one workplace example where they ca

To be the leader company , there are many factors combine to become sucess Teamwork is the one factor that help the company to be competitive advantage than other. The leader should tell the the subordinate about the statement , vision or goal of company. How to get or accomplish them. Try to make environment in workplace is freedom to speak and open-mind. It make everyone fill free to speak and express the idea. Teamwork is the important factor that persuade everyone to get the final goal. According to environment change the leader should understand and can be adjust or flexible to them. To make understanding among the team should do it. Training program is the important as well. To update something new for changing thing that happened How does a leader engage others in preparation of a change? Some of the things to keep a business competitive and moving their organization forward is as follows: Keeping the vision first and foremost in the minds of everyone that is part of the organization. Use the top down stratgey which encompasses everyone but management has to understand first and helps others to understand any changes within the company. Communication Be open to change and adjustment for the betterment of the organization. A leader must also do their homework by being associated with social networks which can give a feel of changes or concerns that other organizations may have encounterd or resolutions. Engage everyone in future collection of information, planning, evaluation and development. Always keep in mind that an organization isn't run by one individual but by a team of inidividuals to accomplish the end result.

To be the leader company , there are many factors combine to become sucess Teamwork is the one factor that help the company to be competitive advantage than other. The leader should tell the the subordinate about the statement , vision or goal of company. How to get or accomplish them. Try to make environment in workplace is fr

Pre-screening questions to decipher how effective a manager will be

Getting to know a job candidate is essential for the organization to gauge how well a "fit" the person is to the company's culture. When a prospect will be in a managerial role, it is vital to know how the person will engage and monitor the performance of others. The solution provides six interview questions and why each relates

Agree that consultants' roles and leaders' roles

1. Do you agree that consultants' roles and leaders' roles can be described adequately in this matrix? 2. Don't organizations seek to hire "experts" to help solve problems? On the other hand, don't consultants often sell themselves as "experts?" What's the danger in that approach? 3. How can organizations and consultan

Change Project

Whether it is a project or process, what do you think is the role of the leadership that can help sustain the change? What image could be the predominant one to help sustain the change?