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    Good Leadership in Bioethics

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    A leader uses personal ethical perspectives to make decisions. Bioethical issues involve many factors that go beyond normal business issues such as religion, morality, and personal views on life and death. If a healthcare leader's personal ethical perspective does not agree with the organizational mission or vision, can the leader be expected to make appropriate decisions for the organization? Please use examples to support your position.

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    This is a very interesting question. As a public health employee with an educational background in leadership, I may view this a little differently. First, I think that leaders should not be in an organization in which they do not embody the vision or mission. Leaders should be a role-model for the organization's mission (Yukl, 2006). The leader should be the standard-bearer of the organizational vision; the representative for that vision. To me, a leader would be ineffective an organization where they didn't share the values. However, does this mean that they couldn't make ethical decisions? Not necessarily. If they follow the organizations ethical code or guidelines when making ...

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