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Challenges of Leading a Mixed Generational Groups.

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Given that we have such a mix of generational groups in our workplaces, how does a leader approach empowerment? Should there be differences in approach or should it be general in scope?

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Effective leaders must be able to identify the many different generations of their workforce in order to communicate sound directions. In saying this, they must also look for ways to bridge these generational gaps to create a positive work climate to meet the organizations vision and mission statement. Solution includes 300 words.

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The success and failure of a leader is often found in their ability to empower peers and subordinates to accomplish their daily duties while maintaining a positive work culture. As the question states, many workplaces today possess a very wide mix of generational groups. Before we can review how a leader empowers his or her employees we must first define empowerment. Though empowerment has many definitions and is often based on the perception of the person asking the question, I define ...

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