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    Characteristics of Effective Sustainable Business Leadership

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    Select a prominent business leader who has increased his or her company's sustainable business practices. Briefly describe the steps this leader took to improve the company's sustainability. Among the possible leaders are Nicole Basset of Patagonia, Lorraine Bolsinger of GE, Richard Branson of Virgin Group, Linda J. Fisher of DuPont, Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Yogurt, Hannah Jones of Nike, Richard MacLean of Competitive Environment, Anita Roper of Alcoa, and Marie Ziegler of John Deere.

    Describe the personality traits, management style, and leadership qualities that helped him or her lead the company to a successful implementation of new practices.

    Describe how this leader instilled a culture of sustainability at his or her company.

    Describe general management strategies you use as a business leader to increase sustainability in your field.

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    The last decade and a half has seen companies across the globe adopting different sustainability practices and working towards a greener environment. With the increasing destruction to our environment and natural resources it has become all the more important for us as individuals and as a group to increase sustainability practices. An example of such a company trying to do its bit for the environment is Nike.

    Hannah Jones is Nike's vice president of Sustainable Business and Environment. She joined Nike in the year 1998. She studied from the University of Sussex, was a director at CR, was a researcher and producer at BBC one and EMEA at Nike. With her strong background she has been successful in making Nike one of the leaders in sustainability. She found the urgency and need for environmental work when she moved into a new role covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa. According to her, an environmental solution could actually become a workers right solution too. According to her, change is never easy to affect but must be done. Involving every worker is important if sustainability is to be achieved in a company and, according to Hannah, all of Nike's 36,000 employees are made to realize how they each have a role in the road to ...

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    The solution discusses how a business leader like Hannah Jones of Nike has devised methods to increase the sustainability of the company and also make it environmentally friendly.