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Leadership Skills

Business Leadership - Delegation and Relationships

1. Manning and Curtis state that effective delegation is an important part of multiplying effectiveness in the workplace. In your own words, explain why delegation is an important tool for a leader to use. What are some of the possible effects if a leader fails to delegate responsibilities among other employees? 2. You have b

Dealing with Conflicts in Leadership 500 word essay

Lars Larsen was your first boss at the medical center. You had problems from the outset, because of a clash of personalities. Then things got worse, and you filed a sexual-harassment complaint. The complaint was not sustained because of lack of specific facts presented by you (no contemporaneous notes), nor was there any corr

Leadership Speech Analysis

Access and view the Leadership Speech Analysis video (linked below). Use the drop-down analysis menu to view certain points about the speaker's performance. Analyze the speaker's two presentations and identify how the interest was impacted by each presentation. How did you react to each speech? In a one-page letter to the speake

Laissez-Faire Situational Leadership

Consider the three types of situational leadership: 1. Authoritarian: Leader makes all policy decisions 2. Democratic: Policies matter of group discussion 3. Laissez-Faire: Complete freedom for group Can a manager with a Laissez-Faire leadership style effectively communicate within an environment that requires micro-manage

Paterno's Integrity and Leadership

CASE 01: Fox News reported on a study of Paterno's actions after he was made aware of misconduct by his employees. The excerpt notes the following findings: Again and again, the 269-page report by Freeh's group showed how Penn State officials had a "callous and shocking disregard for child victims." They lied, then lied

Situational Leadership Model

Study the situational leadership model (see Blanchard & Hersey, 1996). How do the needs and maturity of followers affect leaders' motivational strategies? What must leaders understand about their own basis for motivation to effectively lead and motivate others? How do variances in task and relationship characteristics impact mot

Interview questions for a woman leader

I am writing an assignment on women in leadership and I have had a difficult time locating a female leader with time to complete these interview questions. There are 15 questions. If you are a women responsible for leading a company or people I would greatly appreciate if you could respond to these questions with your experi

Characteristics of an Excellent Leader

Think of someone you consider to be an excellent leader. What characteristics does this person possess that cause you to perceive him or her as an excellent leader?

Leaders strengths and weakness

Why is it important for leaders to know their strengths and at the same time should they learn about the weak points they have? I'm having a hard time finding research on this topic. (Answer provided in approximately 100 words.)

The Importance of Background, Gender, and Race to Effective Leadership

Over 250 word essay with reference: Effective/Less Effective Leaders Leaders can come from all backgrounds, genders, and races. Identify what makes the following individuals effective (or less effective) leaders: President George W. Bush, Microsoft's Bill Gates, Senator Hillary Clinton, and entertainer Oprah Winfrey.

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

What is the role of emotional intelligence in individual and organizational motivational strategies for cross-cultural organizational leadership? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this motivational strategy in cross-cultural leadership? "Cross-cultural" leadership occurs both across and within geographic borders. How i

Supporting Information - Focusing on Leadership

Do you believe there is a greater focus on leadership today? If so, what does this mean for the purity of management given that we tend to send managers to leadership training? How important is communicating about and engaging employees in the response efforts?

Effective/Less Effective Leaders in America.

Leaders can come from all backgrounds, genders, and races. Identify what makes the following individuals effective (or less effective) leaders: President George W. Bush, Microsoft's Bill Gates, Senator Hillary Clinton, and entertainer Oprah Winfrey. 250 word essay minimum.

Global Leadership Models

Servant, authentic and ethical leadership are models which have been successful not only in different types of organizations but also in different cultures and in different countries. Do you believe this to be a valid statement? In other words, are these leadership theories effective global leadership models? Why or why not? Sup

Qualities of a Strong Leader

Over 200 word essay with reference that discuss the qualities and attributes that a strong leader might possess, and include examples.

Defining an Effective Leader

Effective leadership is very hard to define. Since an actual definition is elusive, what do you think the criteria should be for determining if a leader is indeed effective? Do you think a leader can be effective if he or she does not have the support of his or her employees? In other words, do results matter more than people an

New Science Realities

Given the new science realities, rewrite ropes to know and ropes to skip for leaders, including guidelines for planning, measuring, motivating people, managing change and information, designing jobs, and encouraging relationships. Explain the importance and implications of these new science guidelines to the success of the e

Leading as a Compliance Officer

You are excited about your new position as compliance officer at ECG because this is your first role as a member of a senior executive team. You have the enviable opportunity to be a critical part of ECG's growth as the leader who will standardize, implement, and monitor the code of conduct as the company advances with the plann

Leading a Migration Plan

Who should lead the migration plan from an existing process to an automated one for the department? What are the qualities to look for in the leader and why?

Characteristics of Effective Sustainable Business Leadership

Select a prominent business leader who has increased his or her company's sustainable business practices. Briefly describe the steps this leader took to improve the company's sustainability. Among the possible leaders are Nicole Basset of Patagonia, Lorraine Bolsinger of GE, Richard Branson of Virgin Group, Linda J. Fisher of Du