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    Leadership in the 21st Century

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    Why is leadership so important and sought after in the 21st century? And how is leadership linked to organisational leadership? Can we measure leadership and if so how do we do it?

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    Leadership is a skill that can develop over a period of time. It is not an exact science, executives continue to test processes and determine the best practice for leading an organization to success and training subordinates to be more than employees. "Leaders must exhibit high levels of courage, a willingness to listen to others in order to collect and analyze information" (Fry et al, 2004).

    Think for a moment about what would happen without leadership. The lack of leadership results in chaos, miscommunication, lack of communication, lack of initiative from subordinates, decrease in productivity, reduced performance, and low morale. Leadership is about securing an organizations future by propelling the organization to reach next level. Effective leadership prevents the aforementioned from occurring. There are a myriad of reasons why leadership is important. The most common reason is that leadership provides a sense of direction for the organization and its counterparts.

    "Successful businesses are never stagnating. They realize that they must always be willing to change or risk losing their competitive position" (Fry and Hattwick, 2004). Many organizations fail because of their unwillingness to transition from old business processes to new business processes. For example organizations struggle with change especially ...

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