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Leadership Skills

Keeping employees motivated is essential to ensuring job performance is at its best. Employees are motivated in different ways; with some simply needing a "kudos" from their manager, while others are motivated by monetary incentives. The solution provides several examples of how employees may be motivated. The second part of this solution addresses what makes a leader successful. The solution is over 400 words.

The specific case study questions asked by the student were: 1. Determine how you would keep your employees motivated to do the best job they could. Provide specific examples to support your response. 2. Determine the key elements of leadership you would need to be successful in your business venture. Explain your rationale.

Leadership: Facebook's CEO

Research the background of Facebook's CEO and include the following information in a power point presentation: Introduction: The CEO's name and a little about his personal background including his education and major professional experiences before assuming this current position. Abilities, traits, and experiences that ha

Matching Leadership Style to Individual Development.

Word count 150 for each question. 1. Why does Ken Blanchard (in the SLII model) place so much emphasis on matching leadership style to individual development style? 2. How should leaders change strategy if feedback indicates a change is in order?

Leader-Member Exchange Theory

Compare and contrast the leader-member exchange theory presented in the textbook with the idea of 'follower self-leadership' researched in this week's journal article. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and how might the shortcomings of each be overcome? Would either approach be applicable for an organisation

Interventions in the Workplace

City of Carlsbad, California: Restructuring the Public Works Department (A) 1. What is your diagnosis of the situation in the Public Works department? 2. How would you proceed from this point? 3. What interventions would you recommend and why? 4. For your preferred intervention, develop and action plan for implement

Participative or Democratic Leadership Styles

Using your assessment of preferred leadership style, which do you favor and does that leadership style work in all realms of your life? Cite references to support your position. (Answer provided in approximately 100 words).

Leader In-Group and Out-Group Subordinates

I would like to write at least 2 pages for the question below. What might be some of the consequences of a leader having a relatively small in-group and a large out-group of subordinates?

Charismatic Leadership Style

Identify one negative trait of charismatic leadership and detail how you are going to keep from aligning that trait with your Charismatic leadership style. Your score on each dimension in the test "How Charismatic am I?" will range from 4 to 20. The higher your score, the more you demonstrate charismatic leader behaviors. Whi

What's My Leadership Style?

Using your "What's My Leadership Style" score, identify one aspect of your current leadership style that you must change in order to fit into your leadership style on your score. Use cited references to support your findings. My Scores are: Concern for People is: 10 Concern for Task is : 12 Anything 10 or higher is con

Leadership Style Scenario

You have an employee who spends most of his time developing a side business instead of focusing on organizational work. He is long-tenured, productive and well-liked, yet you constantly find him working on his side business. What leadership style would you use to approach this employee? If he doesn't bother anyone else and is pr

Martha Stewart Omnimedia

Conduct research on Martha Stewart Omnimedia (MSO), focusing on the period when it was most successful (before the current crisis). What kinds of leadership patterns can you discern that would explain the earlier success of MSO? What other factors besides leadership can you attribute to MSO's earlier success? How would leade

Leaders Creating Strong Culture in Organizations

Can you discuss the following 2 questions in APA format and cite references please? Thank you. 1) How can a leader or founder help create a strong culture in an organization? Can a leader eliminate culture? Explain. 2) What should managers of diverse work forces know about differences in values and spirituality among i

Business Leader Qualities

Choose one well-known business leader (such as GE's Jack Welch, Chrysler's Lee Lacocca, IBM's Lou Gerstner, and so on) to research on the Internet. Identify three of their qualities, characteristics, or behaviors that appeal to you personally. Justify why these characteristics make them good leaders in terms of how they influenc

LEADERSHIP - Types of Change, Burnout, etc.

1. Pick a famous leader from the past 150 years that can also be described as a teacher. Which of the five types of teacher/leaders presented in the text do you think best describe this person's style (shaman, priest, elected leader, missionary, or mystic healer)? Provide examples to support your decision. 2. Manning and Curt

Management in Leadership

You have to select one of the two best performers of your department for promotion to a supervisory level. One of them is fairly vocal and is often argumentative and confrontationist, while the other is more of a nice guy, although he can be firm at times. Whom would you select if yours is a: - Manufacturing department?

UAE: Global Leaders in Companies

Most companies lack an adequate number of globally competent executives. Gregersen et al (cited in Lane et al): A three-year study found that almost all companies claim they need more global leaders (85% of fortune 500 companies). What about UAE?

Business Leadership - Delegation and Relationships

1. Manning and Curtis state that effective delegation is an important part of multiplying effectiveness in the workplace. In your own words, explain why delegation is an important tool for a leader to use. What are some of the possible effects if a leader fails to delegate responsibilities among other employees? 2. You have b

Dealing with Conflicts in Leadership 500 word essay

Lars Larsen was your first boss at the medical center. You had problems from the outset, because of a clash of personalities. Then things got worse, and you filed a sexual-harassment complaint. The complaint was not sustained because of lack of specific facts presented by you (no contemporaneous notes), nor was there any corr

Leadership Speech Analysis

Access and view the Leadership Speech Analysis video (linked below). Use the drop-down analysis menu to view certain points about the speaker's performance. Analyze the speaker's two presentations and identify how the interest was impacted by each presentation. How did you react to each speech? In a one-page letter to the speake

Laissez-Faire Situational Leadership

Consider the three types of situational leadership: 1. Authoritarian: Leader makes all policy decisions 2. Democratic: Policies matter of group discussion 3. Laissez-Faire: Complete freedom for group Can a manager with a Laissez-Faire leadership style effectively communicate within an environment that requires micro-manage

Paterno's Integrity and Leadership

CASE 01: Fox News reported on a study of Paterno's actions after he was made aware of misconduct by his employees. The excerpt notes the following findings: Again and again, the 269-page report by Freeh's group showed how Penn State officials had a "callous and shocking disregard for child victims." They lied, then lied

Situational Leadership Model

Study the situational leadership model (see Blanchard & Hersey, 1996). How do the needs and maturity of followers affect leaders' motivational strategies? What must leaders understand about their own basis for motivation to effectively lead and motivate others? How do variances in task and relationship characteristics impact mot