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Leading a successful team

What strategies might you employ to maximize the team's chances for success in business given the unique challenges that your team faces? List and explain four strategies that enable you to lead your team successfully in India.

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Step 1

There are some strategies that you may employ to maximize the team's chances for success in business. The first strategy is that there must be a common goal for the team. There should not be more than one goal otherwise the team will not be focused. The second strategy is that the goal should be clear. Lucid communication is the requirement. Each member should understand the reason for the team. The third strategy to maximize success of a team is to get a commitment from each member. in case there are some members who are not committed to the cause, should be persuaded and taken on board. The fourth strategy is to enable the maximum use of the skills of the employees. The fifth strategy is to clarify the roles the persons play on the basis of their skills and abilities (Bride. M, 2012). The sixth strategy is ...

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