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    Change Management Project: Success and Failure

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    In the unit readings, you learned about common errors organizations make while managing change as well as factors necessary for successful change.

    For this discussion, describe a change management project that went well and one that did not go well. What factors do you think lead to the success or failure of the project? What role did sequencing play in the success or failure?

    Please be sure to focus your discussion on the first two steps in Kotter's sequence: establishing a sense of urgency and creating a guiding coalition.

    Kotter, J. P. (1996). Leading change. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. ISBN: 0875847471.

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    Successful change management
    In Texas Children, implementation of electronic medical record system was proposed for improving patient care. To deal with the people side of the implementation, a change management team was created. Throughout the implementation of the project the change management team partnered with the project team to make sure that the project met minimum employee resistance and ensure support at every stage. Local leaders were selected to make up a Change Agent Network. These leaders provided with timely information and enabled ...

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    The solution discusses a change management project's successes and failures.