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Community Issues

Focus on an issue that is facing your community. If you live in a very small community and cannot think of
anything, focus on an issue of a nearby city. Describe the issue, giving the reader a brief background. Next,
determine the role of leadership and intergovernmental relationships. How do you think leadership and/or
governmental relationships played a role in making this issue such a hot topic in your chosen community? This
assignment is a write-up of a local issue. The source of information may be from the print media or Internet. Find
articles or websites that focus on a hot topic that is of interest to you. Your Case Study should include a
description of the issue and an assessment of the overall significance of the issue.

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Crime is a major issue in my community, and what makes this issue so alarming is the fact that the medium-size city that I live in boasts one of the highest crime rates in the state. It is also sad to say that when someone mentions the name of the city, the first inclination of many individuals is to associated it with a high level of criminal activity. This city has also had a rise in the number of gang related criminal activities as well, which is placed much of the community on edge, and have many in the community calling for government officials and law enforcement to do something about the crime that is plaguing the community. Many believe that the high incidence of crime that is occurring in this community is due to the high dropout rate among youth, as well as the increased number of individuals that are living in poverty. Due to the rise in gang affiliation in the area, that has been a great deal more graffiti-based vandalism, as well as shootings between rival gangs in public areas. There has been a swift call to action in order to address and eliminate this problem, so that this city can become the tourist attraction that it should be based upon its historical significance, and a variety of well-known institutions of higher learning in the area.

The role of leadership and intergovernmental relationships is to first and foremost ensure the safety and well-being of the citizens living within the community. The ...