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Critical and Scarce Resources: Influence on the Emergence of a Leader

Salancik and Pfeffer (1977) suggest that critical and scarce resources influence the flow of power to group members. Please discuss the role played by critical and scarce resources in the emergence of a leader.

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According to Case and Fair (2007), limited and scarce resources force individuals and societies to choose among competing uses of resources - alternative combination of produced goods and services and alternative methods of distribution of goods and services. This indicates that the presence of scarce and critical resources can put a leader to a test of his ability to identify, evaluate, and choose among alternative uses. It is also a test of a leader's ability to decide on the proper mix or combination of resources that would improve the total value of the organization.

Flow of Power to Group Members and Emergence of a Leader:
Resources are said to be critical when its ineffective and inefficient use may adversely affect the company's operations. ...

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The influences on the emergence of the leader is examined. The critical and scarce resources are provided.