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    Communication and Change Plan

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    Communication/Change Plan

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    Communication/Change Plan

    ? Leaders role in implementation and communication of plan

    The leasers play an important role in the implementation and communications of plan. The leader has to play a key role in the development of the implementation of the plan. He translates strategic objectives into objective of the plan and communicates it to the team. In addition, the leader shows a vision that guides the team in setting objectives, converting them into individual tasks and converts them into a plan details. It is the overall objective of the leader to ensure that the team uses is full resources, responsibilities are assigned in an equitable manner, the budget is assigned in an equitable manner. On one side the leader provides the passion to the team on the other side the leader ensures that proper control measures are in place to ensure that the plan remains within its schedule and budget. The leader has an important role of the change agent. It is the leadership skills and abilities through which the leader can communicate the importance of change the reason why change is required, and for survival change is not avoidable (Northouse.P, 2009) .

    It is believed that emotional intelligence is essential for leadership. According to the article Emotional Intelligence and Leadership the leader in today's business must have the qualities of Emotional Intelligence. The article assets that emotional intelligence refers to the capacity for recognizing out feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing the emotions in ourselves and in our interpersonal relationships. The article points out that five elements of self-awareness, managing emotion, motivating oneself, empathy for others, and handling relationship are the cornerstones of emotional intelligence. From the perspective of a leader ...

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