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    Communication plan

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    The Automated Production System is a new production line that we will be activating within the next 18 months. The anticipated construction cost for this new production line is $4.75M. The good news for all of you is that since we will be increasing our production rate, we will not be reducing the workforce, so there will be no lost jobs. We will be increasing our production as we begin this new product line. There will be some retraining costs as we will be employing advanced assembly line technology, but we expect to recoup those costs within the first year of production. Over the past couple of years, we have lost some ground on the market share, but now it is time for us to take the market by storm.

    I believe my audience would be all the employees and I'm needing to use my own imagination on this but I'm lost on exactly what goes into a communication plan. Please help! Provide any references.

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    First of all, to communicate such a change plan, management must plan the communication time and content in advance. The timing of the communication of such plan is critical as time is of essence in such a scenario and management must communicate and obtain acceptance/ support for such plans well in advance.

    Secondly, it is very critical to decide on the method to communicate the change plan. Management must decide the ways to communicate the change plan to the employees, such as via email, notice, information session, etc. It must also be noted that different channels of communication might be used for employees at different levels. For example, in the above mentioned scenario, senior level employees will be informed of such plan via personal meeting whereas floor level or operational level employees will be communicated via their managers in their respective ...

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    Communication plan