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    Project Communication Plan

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    Go to an Internet search engine (e.g., Google) and type in "project communication plan." Check three or four that have ".gov" as their source. Describe your findings. How are they similar or dissimilar? What would be your conclusion concerning the importance of an internal communication plan? How does a communication plan benefit management of projects?

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    I reviewed the plans of Kansas, North Carolina, and Oregon. Some, like the Kansas plan are very comprehensive on the reasons for the plan and how it works. It describes the plan and makes sure the workers understand the purpose and audiences the plan is designed for. Each supply a table of both the communication plan components and who or what agency is involved as leaders.

    Two of the plans included or were in a table format. This was easy to read and understand. Kansas was in a bullet format and was very long and might have issues of finding the correct information, especially if it was needed ...

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