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Leadership Skills

Shackletons Antarctic Expedition

Choose two leadership concepts (Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition - starting page 5) from the Harvard Business Review article and describe briefly. Article :

What skills do managers need today?

Please help answer the following questions. Provide at least 200 words in this solution. What skills do managers need today? Are these skills different from management skills of 50 years ago? Why or why not? Is a manager different from a leader? What management strategies can you employ in your current position (

Leadership Development: Cases for Analysis of Blake Memorial Hospital

The Unhealthy Hospital When Bruce Reid was hired as Blake Memorial Hospital's new CEO, the mandate had been clear: Improve the quality of care, and set the financial house in order. As Reid struggled to finalize his budget for approval at next board meeting, his attention was focus on one issue; the future of six off-site

Managers and Leaders as Role-Models

Please help with leadership assignment by discussing the given questions: Managers have to exhibit the behaviors that they expect their followers to display. Do you support this view? Give at least two reasons to justify your stance.

Women Power at work

Women and people of color face unique challenges in acquiring power and influence in corporations. Read this paper: Compare and contrast the ways in which the women in this article succeed in gaining real power at work.

Leadership Investigations Utilized

Select and investigate an organization where teams are frequently utilized. In what ways has the use of teams led to greater productivity, more effective use of resources, better decisions and problem solving, and higher quality products and services?


Leadership competencies. Please give me guidance on starting on this topic. There is an argument that leaders today face an unprecedented array of macro environment challenges -- globalization, diversity, fast pacing, constant change, technological advances, nomadic workforce, talent shortage, systemic impatience and generati

Reflection/research paper on an influential leader

Reflection/research paper on an influential leader. It could be on any leader throughout history, including a business leader or other. - Research and discuss the individual's background - Describe their leadership qualities and style - Key outcomes of their actions - Opinion statement - Show research

Decision-Making Strategies: Mutually Agreeable Solution

Courtney, a sales manager, and her team of six have been assigned the task of developing a marketing strategy for a new software product developed by her company. A couple of team members propose a business plan centered on a good price that would make the product affordable. Some members proposed a marketing plan around the val

Yahoo's Bartz Shows Who's Boss

Yahoo's Bartz Shows Who's Boss Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz unveils a streamlined management structure for the Web portal, including the departure of CFO Blake Jorgensen By Robert D. Hof Just six weeks after taking over as chief executive of Yahoo! (YHOO) from co-founder Jerry Yang, Carol Bartz has now made it quite clear who

Leaders: factors for need of a leader

You are part of a group that is working to achieve a particular goal. What factors will determine your group's need to have a leader? You will be the leader of an existing task force. According to Hersey and Blanchard's theory, as you plan your approach to leadership, what do you need to know about the group? You must lea

Influence Processes: Compare the Leadership Styles of Three Leaders

You have been encouraged by a colleague to write a brief article about "CEOs and presidents" for a management journal. You have decided to compare the leadership styles of three leaders: Andrea Jung, Indra Nooyi, and Brenda Barnes. Using the Library, the Internet, and your course materials, write a document via Word that elabora

"leading object" exception

The "leading object" exception applies to: A. contracts to answer for the debt of another if the primary obligor defaults. B. contracts for interests in land. C. contracts not to be performed within one year of the date of their making. D. contracts made in consideration of marriage.

Support Personnel: Non-technical explanations, good technical leadership

Why is it important for a technology manager to be able to explain things in non-technical terms? What are some examples of projects that have failed due to a lack of good technical leadership? What do you think are some of the characteristics a good technical support employee should have?


1. Bright, Fry, and Cooperrider state that behavior is an artifact, a reflection of intrinsic values, beliefs, and assumptions. Compare this definition of behavior to Cashman's or Argyris's. Analyze one example of behavior as representative of a dominant belief or a theory in use, preferably one that might have global impact on

Leadership and Management: Specific Skills

1) Is "who you know" always a bad thing in hiring or promotions in you view? Should it matter? 2) On the notion of "intimidation." This goes back to a dictatorial style of leadership (used to be called Theory X), "Do as I say, I am the boss." Does this style really work anymore in this environment? Should it be used? If so,

Leadership Profile Assignment - Brian L. Roberts Chairman/CEO of Comcast

MGMT 4111 Leadership Profile Assignment Background: 1. Are leaders born or made? Research generally indicates that the answer is "yes." Both individual characteristics and career experiences play a role in leadership development and success. 2. This assignment requires you to synthesize and apply concepts from Part On

Eliminating/Correcting Harm from Self-Centered Role Behaviors

3. What might a manager or group leader do to eliminate or correct the harm from self-centered role behaviors? 6. How important are disagreement and conflict in making an organization successful? 7. At what point does conflict become dissent? At what point should a manager intervene? 8. Compare individual and group ef

Managers, Leaders, and Deviant Employees

Please provide feedback to the questions below. What is the impact within your organization on an employee expressing deviant behavior? What makes a manager different from a leader is that managers set operational goals, establish plans, allocating resources, organize, assigning jobs to staff, monitoring results, and help

Change Leadership Reflection - Change Mangement

Throughout the course, we discussed the models, strategies, and competencies needed to facilitate change. For this discussion, reflect on what you have learned. Address the following questions in your post: 1. What did you learn about yourself? 2. What was the most important learning you will take away or the most import