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Leadership Skills

Leadership Traits


Leadership and Management: Transformational Leadership

Briefly describe a possible group or organization to belong (now or belonged to in the past). If you were the leader of this group, what vision would you have for the group? How would you articulate and implement that vision?

Best leader you ever worked with

Write a response on the best leader you ever worked with: 1) Describe your respective roles and the context in which you interacted? 2) Why he is the best? 3) 3-4 factors thet led you to choose this individule 4) What was noteable about these factors? 5) How did you feel? 6) What have you learned from this exercise? 7

Address the positive strategic leadership attributes of President Reagan.

Looking for Guidance to help complete this. I would like you to address the positive strategic leadership attributes of President Reagan. I would like to refer to three Key Strategic Leadership Actions (Effectively managing the Firm's Resources Portfolio, Sustaining an Effective Organizational Culture, and Emphasizing Ethical P

Leadership/Group roles & intervention, changes in workplace

The team concept requires each group member to assume a role. What 2 positive roles do you feel you could assume in a team and why? There are also negative roles that group members assume. As a leader who wants effective teams, choose 2 negative group roles and discuss how you would intervene in order to have a more positive


I need help in descibing how specific organizational behavior theories could have predicted or can explain the failure Enron or Worldcom. I also need help with compare and contrast the contributions of leadership, management, and organizational structures to the organizational failure.


Assess how your own organization is doing on each and identify specific means that could help incorporate the ideas listed into the culture of your organization. please feel free to disagree. Number one, create consistency and continuity of purpose, plan products with an eye to the long-range needs of the company, don't succu

Organizational Leadership

Each organization is distinct, with its own culture and dynamics. Some of this uniqueness is due to the nature of the business itself, but much can be traced to the prominent leadership styles. As you review the information contained in your readings, consider your own organization, or one that you know well. Evaluate how it dem

Power and Leadership

Terms such as leadership, management, and power are commonly used in business communications, and often interchangeably. Yet scholars have long debated the differences between management and leadership. Furthermore, to be an effective leader, it is important to understand and articulate these nuances as well as understand the cr

Leadership: Consider the notion of 'Psychological Size'

Consider the notion of 'Psychological Size' and assess the specific recommendations (open style of communication, be patient, make a sincere effort to draw people out without constantly evaluating their remarks) on how to equalize the perceived gap between employees and leaders. Where possible, provide specific examples of such

mkt4 Leadership styles

Joanne is a member of a group that is developing a questionnaire as a group project in her Introductory Sociology class. Whenever they meet, Joanne finds she is always trying to keep the group focused on putting the questionnaire together. Joanne would be considered the __________ leader of the group. Answer instrumental

Type of leadership

Different situations require that different styles of leadership be used to meet the primary goals of the group. Imagine a tour group that is lost in the desert. Which type of leadership would be best for the tour guide to adopt? Answer democratic authoritarian laissez-faire expressive

The Power Corruption Cycle: Leader Traits, Emotional Intelligence

You have been asked to teach ethics to a group of managers. In one part of this course you will be discussing "corruption and ways to prevent its occurrence." Describe the way mishandling power can lead to corruption and how occurs in organizations today. Use an example to illustrate it from your research. What is emotiona

Strategic leadership

Pick a current or a past president of the United States (Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, George Bush SR. or JR.) and evaluate his performance against the leadership characteristics discussed in the text. On the basis of this comparison, do you think that the president was/is a good strategic leader? Why? Please write three stron

Literature Review: Effectiveness of Cross-Functional Teams

I am working on a literature review for a research paper and need some assistance. the topic is the effectiveness of cross-functional teams in a new business competitive environment. The topic is centered around aerospace and proposal development for the U.S. government. I am attaching a straw man outline. Help in story boarding

Leadership Challenge: Using Sources of Power Ethically

Leadership Challenge: Using Sources of Power Ethically The CEO of a large company has retained you as a management consultant to look into an area of concern that she has. With many of the recent corporate scandals, she is wondering how she can avoid these sorts of problems within her company. She has asked you to research an


Identify a leader whom you know well and assess her/him in each of the following qualities. 1. Vision: here assess the Big Plan or Macro Vision of your chosen leader 2. Ability: assess the overall ability of your choice in the areas of competency, latest knowledge and breakthroughs within the field, value as a resource for

Leadership, Communication Styles, Culture, and Language

Often, we hear or read that "leadership is dependent on good communication." Do you agree? Write a report on leadership interaction and communication styles. To help you present your report, create a scenario depicting a meeting of business leaders from Japan, Nigeria, France, and India. Your analysis should include a discuss

Shackletons Antarctic Expedition

Choose two leadership concepts (Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition - starting page 5) from the Harvard Business Review article and describe briefly. Article :

What skills do managers need today?

Please help answer the following questions. Provide at least 200 words in this solution. What skills do managers need today? Are these skills different from management skills of 50 years ago? Why or why not? Is a manager different from a leader? What management strategies can you employ in your current position (

Leadership Development: Cases for Analysis of Blake Memorial Hospital

The Unhealthy Hospital When Bruce Reid was hired as Blake Memorial Hospital's new CEO, the mandate had been clear: Improve the quality of care, and set the financial house in order. As Reid struggled to finalize his budget for approval at next board meeting, his attention was focus on one issue; the future of six off-site

Managers and Leaders as Role-Models

Please help with leadership assignment by discussing the given questions: Managers have to exhibit the behaviors that they expect their followers to display. Do you support this view? Give at least two reasons to justify your stance.

Participative Management and Change-Oriented Leadership

Your team of management consultants has been retained by Holographics Technologies International (HTI), a multinational conglomerate of 18 different hardware and software companies located in the United States, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and Canada that together represent the leading edge of holographic applications for

Women Power at work

Women and people of color face unique challenges in acquiring power and influence in corporations. Read this paper: Compare and contrast the ways in which the women in this article succeed in gaining real power at work.