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Organizing Employees within a New Department

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The case scenario was:
You have just become the supervisor of a new department. What can you do to make the department and its employees more organized? Discuss appointment tools, organization skills, and management strategies.

This solution is over 350 words and thoroughly addresses what a supervisor, new to an employee group, can do to help get everyone organized. Some of the tools are simple; such as modeling the behavior expected of subordinates and ensuring there are frequent communications to keep everyone "in the loop" on important steps.

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When a supervisor is tasked with organizing employees within a new department or division, it is important to lead by example and ensure clear communications occur when it comes to performance expectations. Change can be frightful and employees often turn to their managers for support and guidance.

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For any new supervisor, the best guiding principle is to lead by example. Most employers utilize popular email software such as Outlook or GroupWise, both have the capability to track calendars in connection to email meeting requests. As the supervisor, I would use this tool to schedule meetings with my subordinates. Most electronic meeting requests permit the sender to require a response. If I did not hear back from an attendee, then I could follow-up. By using email in connection to my calendar, I ...

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