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Leadership in Organizations Behaviors

Complete a one-page journal of how the information within the readings in this module relate to your own leadership. How do you see yourself within your organization as it relates to motivating others and changing behavior of others? Are you an effective follower?

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I had started my career as a customer care representative and got promoted as a supervisor after 4 years. I was handling customer care help desk for one of the leading consumer electronics giant with a team of 20 people reporting to me. My job responsibilities included achieving target by keeping my staff motivated. I always cared for my people. I arranged several training programs for their growth and development. I can say that I had a motivated team with a high morale and high job satisfaction.

I have a people centric leadership style. I am more focused and concerned towards human needs of my people. I give them support and make a healthy environment for their development and growth. I believe in team development and strengthening relationships amongst the team members. I understand and always give my support to my employees and facilitate positive interaction ...

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The leadership in organizations behaviors is determined.