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    Culturally Contingent Leadership Behaviours and Attributes

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    What are the culturally contingent leadership behaviors and attributes? What are the positive leadership behaviors and traits that are universally accepted that facilitate leadership effectiveness? What are the negative leadership behaviors and traits that are universally accepted that create impediments to leadership effectiveness? Why are those behaviors viewed to be positive or negative?

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    Being in an organization abroad in a variety of host nation countries is always a challenge, but finding the right leadership is the key to success in implementing pragmatic ethical standards. An ethical environment is one of the most important aspects of a compliance program. Not only should these types of standards embolden conformity, but ethical standards should incorporate adherence to laws and regulations (compliance), along with moral fortitude.

    Employees in organizations are aware of two types of ethics: negative and positive. With negative ethics, it tells us what not to do, and most companies magnify this concept in their Employee Handbooks (i.e. No employee shall do this, that and the other). For the average creative employee, one would look at this type of model and ...

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    The expert examines culturally contingent leadership behaviours and attributes.