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New Realities of Leadership

Describe and discuss the new reality for leadership. How will this affect you in the future?

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I believe we should all recognize that we are living in a time of unprecedented opportunities. In this day and time we have to be ready to accept that there are new realities in leadership. If we do not accept and embrace this, we become at risk for struggles, and maybe even failure. As leaders in this new world of leadership, we must accept the reality that our workplace is no longer a place where everyone is at work at the same time and everyone does backbreaking work to get their jobs done. It is no longer a place where performance reviews are based on seniority or the length of time you have been on your job, but rather, on your actual performance.

With technology and generational variety within the workplace, we are not expected to work in the manner we have during the post industrial era. In that time, productivity, rather than balance was what employers drove their employees to. Today, leaders must be more innovative and ...

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Cause and effect - new realities of leadership will affect your future. This response will describe and discuss some of the ways in which your future will be affected.