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Business Executive Issues

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There are a number of complex opportunities and issues that face executives today.

These include how to grow the business, increase profitability, meet Wall Street's expectations, attract and retain the talent needed for success, identify creative resourcing strategies, establishing competitive advantages, becoming a global business, leveraging relationships with Unions and other stakeholders, etc...

There are no simple approaches to resolving these issues and seizing the opportunities - both of which are necessary to ensure future success of the business and add value to its stakeholders.

What's an executive to do? How do executives survive and thrive within these realities?

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Any executive must realize that one of the most important aspects of surviving and doing well in business is by building the business upon the principles of loyalty and trust. In the face of global economic downturns and rapid change, executives need to also change their management tactics and go with the times. One way to do this is by stretching themselves in new ways and re-inventing themselves. This would be achievable by looking at the business in ways never thought of before. Rather than continually playing the strategic role they always have, today's successful executives are playing much more ...

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