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Executive Summary Real Estate

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I need help on doing an Executive Summary on Real Estate Business that will deal with the following: Rent collection, building and construction of permanent buildings, housing management and assistance clients that wish to settle in different cities on temporarily or permanently bases.

Need to include: Goals and Objectives, Stakeholder Analysis & Impact
Major deliverables and milestones, and Major issues and risks

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//The real estate business is related with selling and purchasing of land and property wherein the land is acquired and used in further construction of housing or commercial structures. To understand the industry insights, it is required to gain understanding of the factors that affect the industry. In the same context, the following executive summary will put light on different aspects of real estate industry//

Executive Summary
The real estate sector is very flexible in nature. There can be immense growth in the industry or it may remain stable for long. In the current report, various aspects of real estate business will be discussed under different headings of the report. The report talks about the real estate industry and consists of sections, such as goals and objectives, introduction of the industry, stakeholder analysis, major deliverables and milestones and issues in the industry.

The overview of the industry section introduces the real estate business and consists of several factors that affect the business. There are certain factors that contribute to growth in the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 636 words with references.

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Executive Summary - the core of your business plan
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