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Leadership Skills

Lojeski's Virtual Distance Leadership Model

This assignment requires that at least two additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and at least one in-text citation from each source be included. Write a 1,250-1,500-word paper that addresses the structure of organizations with a focus on virtual distance. 1. Explain how leaders can use structure to s

Culture, Communication, Leadership Styles, and Trust

Imagine you are a management consultant. You have been hired by BP Oil company to analyze their communications and leadership. You have been asked to submit a final report to the executive team with your findings including the following: 1. A description of the company's communication structure and identify ways that cultu

short answersPartnership for Lebanon and Cisco Systems

Review the Partnership for Lebanon and Cisco Systems The project manager for the Partnership for Lebanon (PFL) and Cisco Systems' regional director of corporate affairs for the Middle East and Africa met three years after PFL was first initiated. Their meeting revolved primarily around the challenge of sustainability and what

Charismatic Leadership: Speeches

Good Evening, I have 3 questions that I would like to ask. I am working on a project and I am attempting to re-educate myself. It's a combination of incorporating leadership and history. I have attached an article/speech that goes back in history. Can you provide a synopsis of the speech and the issue(s) that you feel are ad

Describing the DNA of Innovators

Analyze factors in the global environment that influence what leaders do in leading innovative organizations. Assess competitive factors in the 21st century that influence strategic decisions and innovation leadership. Hitt, Haynes, and Serpa (2010) made a compelling argument for what will be required of leaders in the futur

What it Means to be a Leader of Innovation

Hey Cheron. :) This post is relatively similar. It essentially has the same topic, but different question. - Evaluate behaviors that encourage and support innovation. Share your initial understanding of innovation and what it means to be a leader of innovation. Do you currently see yourself as an innovator? Why or why n

Leading Innovation Contemporary Models

•Analyze contemporary leadership models and practices from the perspective of innovation in a global environment. •Assess what leaders of innovation do to shape organizational culture and processes.

Leading Edge Acquisition Strategy

How should an organization decide on how "leading edge" it should be in its IT acquisition strategy? Acquiring cutting edge IT might give it a competitive advantage, but at greater risk because the IT is cutting edge. On the other hand, the use of well-tested, mature IT that is also being used by many others reduces the risk, bu

Challenging a Leader

Consider the statements "The best way to challenge a leader is to attack its strengths" and "The best way to attack a leader is to avoid a head-on assault and to adopt a flanking strategy." Take a stand and justify one statement, supporting it with examples.

Managers vs. Leaders in Global Expansion

Differentiate management's role from leadership's role in deciding the most appropriate area for global expansion. As the chief information officer, how would you meld the two roles?

Global Expansion - Process/Leadership Model

Models are used to explain current situations. Better models provide a level of predictability as factors change. When deciding on a course of global expansion, would you focus first on a process model or a leadership model? Explain your answer.

Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership

Read Martin Luther King's letter from Birmingham Jail at: http://www.bu.edu/irsd/Ec326_2004/material_2004/Letter%20from%20Birmingham%20Jail.htm Analyze the leadership and oratory styles of Martin Luther King Jr. through the lense of ethos, logos, and pathos, and compare his styles to your own Provide at least three exam

Manager's and Leaders

Please help with the following problem: What are some other examples of how a manager and a leader approach the same task in different ways? Please provide a reference as well. Make it short please, thank you.

Leadership Analysis of CEOs

For this module project it is required that you have an investigation and provide an analysis of the leadership style and effectiveness of the Nissan's and Semco's CEOs. This should include a brief history, their approach to leadership on leading the organization, themselves and others, also their traits, skills, style and appro

Actions of Behaviors of Leaders and Managers

What actions and behaviors of leaders and managers in corporations could influence the market value and price of stocks? In reflecting on the creation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to increase accountability through new mandatory standards, what are some possible explanations as to why unethical conduct occurs in financial manage

Self-Awareness in Leaders

Analyse the findings of this week's journal article with regard to the shortcomings associated with contemporary leadership programmes. What recommendations do the authors provide for overcoming these drawbacks and how would this help to create better self-awareness in leaders? See the following article for reference: Allio

Leaders in Art and Entertainment

Please help with the following question: Do we measure leaders in art and entertainment with the same standards as organizational leaders in the sense that we expect them to behave ethically and be authentic and trusted? Or could the musical legacy be segregated from the leader as a person?

Responsive Corporate Leadership

1. What impact do vision, values, and getting to value added have in achieving an edge on corporate citizenship? What are the underpinning themes of citizenship and systems thinking? Provide examples and research to support your thinking. 2. MANAGERS OF THE GRAY ZONE DECEPTIVE APPEARANCES In this way Ukraine and other f

Leadership Self-Development

I need to come up with a leadership development plan for myself. I am a retail manager in a multi-national corporation. It has to be related to my career and needs to be effective in self-awareness, growth, cultural intelligence and non-linear systems thinking.

Leadership Report: Building a New Plan

Act as the Council members and provide important leadership considerations for the mayor in preparing to implement the water sustainability plan. In building a stakeholder power base, consider stakeholders in the city government. Identify the key stakeholders in the government, and address how the following may affect their supp

Leadership Skills Required for Multi-Cultural Situations

What essential leadership skills are required in more complex situations such as one with multiple cultures? How can one improve those skills by a better understanding of the cultural aspects or are those skills ones that are more fundamentally lacking?

Importance of IT Leadership

1. Why has the IT leadership role in organizations become so important? What are some of the IT service trade-off decisions that IT leaders face today? Why is it important for IT staff to behave as leaders? 2. Discuss what you feel are the most important qualities an IT leader should possess. How would you create a leadership

Witnessing Authentic Leadership

Provide 2-3 examples of when you witnessed authentic leadership. What did the individuals you listed do that demonstrated authenticity and how does this compare to the findings of the journal article? http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1048984305000275.

Steps for a Leader Handling Crisis

Discuss steps that are recommended for leadership handling of a crisis situation? Also, what are some published ways to retain staff members? Please site reference.

Foundational Skills for Business Leaders

Apply Chaffee's problem-solving approach on page 76 (of the attachment labeled Ch. 2) to the following situation. Respond in approximately four paragraphs): Your company manufactures components for a major computer manufacturer. Your products have had some persistent quality issues. The components are items such as on-off swi

Communication Style and Leadership

Identify a current or past leader in your workplace. Relate his or her communication style to the type of leadership practiced by him or her. Analyze whether it is suitable for your workplace and culture. Discuss what areas can be improved. Summarize your idea of a good leader.