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Leadership Skills

Southwest Airlines Leadership and Management Practices

Read the case and compare the key ideas in the case to the relevant theories and models in the chapter of the book. Then think of the case questions and how best to answer them with the understanding of these theories. Please see the Case Study 13 "Southwest Airlines: How Herb Kelleher Lead the Way", from 'Management' (publis

Leadership Styles Comparison

- Describe and analyze the Style and Situational approaches to leadership. - Compare and contrast the two styles and identify best use case for each of the styles. - Describe which approach would be most effective in your current or previous organization. Why would that approach be best? APA 6th ed. format 4 pages

Business Performance Appraisals

Review the document titled "Job Analysis-Based Performance Appraisal" (job analysis for a receptionist), in order to respond to the following question. What could have been done in the job analysis questionnaire that would have made designing the appraisal easier?

Key Performance Appraisal Factors

Review the document titled "Job Analysis-Based Performance Appraisal" (job analysis for a receptionist), in order to respond to the following question. What was the most difficult part of determining the dimension(s) to be appraised? What was the most helpful information in the job analysis for designing your appraisal tool?

Stakeholder capitalism

In Germany, under the model of "stakeholder capitalism", employee representatives sit on company boards of directors. In the German model of business, it is assumed that both labor (employee representatives) and capital (shareholder representatives) have important stakes in the enterprise and should work in harmony with each oth

President Obama and His Power Base

Explain the sources/bases of power that President Obama has used during the term of his presidency. What contingency factors(factors of the situation; factors external to the leader) have contributed to or detracted from President Obama's effectiveness as a leader?

Style Leadership and Situational Leadership

- What are the advantages and disadvantages to style leadership and situational leadership? - Provide at least one example of a situation in which each approach would be most effective in managing teams.

Uncovering Leadership Styles

Uncovering Leadership Styles Organizations, business professionals, and even the general public often take a keen interest in discussions about leadership style. The reasons for the popularity of discussing leadership style approaches may lie in the way leadership researchers define leadership as a collection of observable beha

Leadership Theory

People buy in to the leader first, then the vision. If they do not like the leader but like the vision, they get a new leader. If they do not like the leader or the vision, they get a new leader. If they do not like the vision but like the leader, they get a new vision. What strategies do you follow for your group to like you an

Workplace Ethics Training

Do you think this is a true statement? Workplace ethics training is highly recommended for fostering a trustworthy working environment.

Ford strategic implementation plan

I am needing help on the background of Ford Motor Company, Executive Summary, the vision statement of Ford Motor Company, and finally the implementation plan.

Leadership and Ethics

- Discuss the importance of organizational ethics as it relates to organizational effectiveness. Support your response with current literature on organizational ethics. - Describe an ethical issue that your current or past organization faced. Evaluate how the organization's leader and the organization's members handled the situ

Strategic thinking variables

Linkow tells us "In this rapidly changing world with tight--and getting tighter--resources, the capacity to make and execute strategy is a source of competitive advantage. Organizations that don't have strategic competence embedded in their infrastructures will fall behind" (1999, p. 37). In his article, Linkow identifies severa

Good Global Leadership vs. Bad Global Leadership

I need help with the following (especially identifying global leaders, references stating good and bad leadership characteristics, and references giving examples of good and bad leadership of the chosen leaders). Select a global business leader from the global corporation's business current history that you believe to be an e

Steve Jobs Versus Tim Cook

Who would you prefer to report to Steve Jobs or Tim Cook if you were an executive at Apple and why (based on their individual approaches to leadership)? Make sure you support your argument(s) with the understanding of leadership prinicples and theory. Galloway, R., (2013). Is Tim Cook the man to lead Apple? Huffington Post

Causes of Econcomic Collapse and Recovery

What led to the collapse of the economic environment within the U.S.? Answer the same question from an international perspective. What is one of the single most important factors to judge whether a country is recovering from the global economic recession?

Commitment and Capacity to Learn

As your company grows and faces increasingly complex challenges, you may be finding that the original strategy you created is changing. You are also changing and growing to meet these new challenges. Senge (2007) tells us "The organizations that will excel in the future will be those that can tap the commitment and capacity to l

Charismatic Leadership from Moral Standpoint

Although charismatic leaders can use their abilities to accomplish great things, there are also concerns about charismatic leadership from a moral standpoint. Choose a position, either (1) charismatic leaders accomplish great things, or (2) there are moral concerns with charismatic leaders. Select a recent article from current e

Cost Leadership

What are the characteristics of a firm that is successfully pursuing a cost leadership strategy? 200 words, apa citation

Organizational Evaluation Techniques

Use academic research and develop a report at emphasizes measurement and evaluating techniques can be used in leadership in automobile industry.

Leadership style

In what ways are the executives' leadership styles the same and how are they different. Expound on your analysis. In consideration of your research results, what leadership style(s) are most effective? Which are most affective? Explain your rationale.

HR Question

Why and how should HRM act as a strategic partner? Do you view corporate strategy as an HR-minded priority? Why or why not?

George Latour is attempting to lead and coach a new employee, Shelly Stern. The relationship quickly goes downhill as George's leadership style runs afoul of Shelly's sense of professionalism.

George Latour is attempting to lead and coach a new employee, Shelly Stern. The relationship quickly goes downhill as George's leadership style runs afoul of Shelly's sense of professionalism. Fryer, B., Goodnight, J., Goulston, M., Lawrie, J. M. & Chappelow, C. (2004). The Micromanager. Harvard Business Review, 82(9), 31-39

Dominant or Preferred Style/Approach to Leadership

Although most leaders have a dominant or preferred style/approach to leadership, there are situations that require leaders to flexible with their style in order to be effective. Reflecting on your own leadership style, discuss how you plan to develop your ability to apply situational leadership. In your response, include your pr

Developing a customer satisfaction survey and CTQ characteristics

For In the "Understanding the Voice of the Customer at LaRosa's Pizzerias" case study on pages 227 and 228, LaRosa's Pizzerias implemented the Voice of the Customer process to design its restaurants to address customer needs and expectations and ultimately allowed the restaurant chain to gain significant market share. Dev

Three Leadership Styles and Jack Welch

1) Provide 3 definitions of leadership (autocratic/autoritarian, democratic/participative, laissez-faire/delegative) within the context of global organizations. 2) Consider Jack Welch's leadership style and major characteristics. Does he embody the characteristics found in the definitions of leadership? Explain any similariti