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    Conflict Resolution Styles: Compromise and Win-Win

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    There are many styles of managing conflict. Please choose the two you think are the best for managing conflict. Summarize your two choices and explain why you chose each for your current work situation.

    Style Types: 1.) The Win-Lose Style, 2.) The Lose-Yield Style, 3.) The Lose-Leave Style, 4.) The Compromise Style, 5.) The Win-Win Style, 6.) The Contextual Style, 7.) The Paradoxical Style.

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    In a public sector, government work environment, the two styles which work best at managing and/or resolving conflict would be Compromise and Win-Win. The government workplace is often comprised of union groups, such as Power Line Technicians, Firefighters and Correctional Officers. These employees are represented by labor groups, which provide members protection and engage in collective bargaining of their behalf of hours, wages and working conditions. Regardless of union representation, all government workers have one thing in common - ...

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    This solution is about 350 words and utilizes a governmental workplace scenario to thoroughly explain how the two conflict resolution styels of Compromise and Win-Win can be used effectively. The solution explains why each is efficient in a government environment, where employees are often represented by a union.