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Patagonia, dream flower of _ Yvon Chouinard.

I am doing research on the company Patagonia and the CEO of the company Yvon Chouinard. I have never heard of the company but I've done a little research and really think the management style the founder believes in and has implemented is great and many other companies should follow. The questions I have been presented myself to have a starting point is:

1. Discuss the primary key facts and critical issues presented in the surfing equipment company Patagonia.

2. How does Patagonia provide a work environment and values that enhances the lives of their employees?

3. Is it possible for all companies to inspire Patagonia's level of loyalty by employees by providing work environments with similar benefits? Elaborate on a company who I think could benefit from their HR practices?

4. As the CEO of Patagonia, how would I deal with the criticism that you focus more on hiring employees that are social cause oriented, vs. the most talented and skilled employees?

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1. The Patagonia Inc. is a dream inspired and realized company of the founder Yvon Chouinard, son of a French Canadian blacksmith and a noted climber, businessman, environmentalist. He firmly believes in his philosophy and expects other businessmen to follow and practice it. He has propounded his philosophy in his memoir "Let my people go Surfing".

The company believes in use of organic products, good health; manufacture products that do no harm to environment and above all in sustainability.

The ethos and management philosophy of the company are best expressed in the words of Kevin Sweeney, Director Communications that to change an organization the top echelons of the company make it personal, initiate heroic action, sprinkle in a little magic and lead by example.
Patagonia conducts its own research, development, design, manufacturing merchandising and sales through retail, catalog and web based. It manufactures products for both adult and children such as outdoor clothing, hard goods such as packs and travel bags etc.

The company firmly believes in the quality of its products and that could be excellent only if your employees are happy, mentally satisfied and devoted to the cause of the company. Company in pursuance of firm faith in sustainability contributes 1% of its annual net sales to environmental groups and has preset benchmarks with its employee-friendly policies. The most decisive step taken by the company was in growing cotton by eliminating use of synthetic chemicals. It meant higher cost of production and handling of organic raw materials. This problem was solved by relying on business acumen and relationships with mills, distributors and customers. It allayed the perception of the customers that use of organic raw material affected the quality of the product in any ...

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This in-depth solution focuses on the mission and vision of Patagonia, a company nurtured by Yvon Chouinard. The solution looks at how the company is involved in a number of social oriented activities, improvement of the environment and sustainability.