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Organizational culture:Analysis

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Describing the culture of either your current or past place of employment.
Observable artifacts
Espoused values (These are what organizational members say they value, like ethical practice.)
Enacted values (These are reflected in the way individuals actually behave.)
Describe how each item listed above impacts the values and culture of the organization.

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The culture of my current place of employment is that the work team should be respected. Each employee must support the objectives of his work team. The team should achieve its objectives; the team should not have conflicts, and the deadlines given to the teams are sacrosanct. Also the culture of my company has been formed with a number of yearly and periodic functions. For example, there is the annual conference, the award ceremony, and orientation lunch with new employees that have been recruited. Our company also has the culture of extorting its employees to work harder, faster, and more. Banners such as "work better" appear in the workplace. Whenever a meeting is called by the top management, the stress is on working harder and working more. The CEO often tells stories about the founder of the company who worked eighteen hours a day and started the business in a garage from which it has grown to the present 'glory'. The stories glorify the initiative, courage, brilliance, and hard work of the founder.
The culture of my company has also been driven by ethics. Ethical values have been written in a code of conduct and have been circulated amongst the employees. However, the employees claim that these ethical values only apply to lower level employees and not to the top management. I have seen that employees openly joke ...

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