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    Ethics in the Workplace Discussion

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    I need assistance with a paper on Ethics in the Workplace.

    What is business ethics? In what way do the ethical responsibilities of managers differ from the ethical responsibilities of regular employees? What creates this difference?

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    Conceptually, business ethics is "the applied ethics discipline that addresses the moral features of commercial activity" (Marcous, 2008). A more direct definition of business ethics is the practice and policies involving a company's actions throughout its organization and in the marketplace. It includes items like employee relations, corporate governance, discrimination, social responsibility and accounting practices. Frequently, rules and regulations or the law determine corporate ethics. For instance, while most people would acknowledge that is it unethical to participate in insider trading, it is also against the law. The purpose of business ethics is to establish a reasonable framework of expectations that consumers, employees, organizations and governments can expect from one another. This practice encourages behavior that is honorable and fair to all involved.
    Ethics are an important factor for businesses and impact their standing within the community and the law. Consider the negative publicity that incurs when organizations act unethically, like the Enron scandal. Within organization it is the responsibility of managers to ensure that an organization has a guiding code of ethics. In part this is a personal issue. Those employees, either managers or employees, found acting against the code can face termination and legal ...

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    This detailed solution discusses ethics in the workplace. It defines business ethics and explains in what way the ethical responsibilities of managers differ from the ethical responsibilities of regular employees. It also explains what creates this difference. Includes APA formatted references.