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Ethics in the Workplace Discussion

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I need assistance with a paper on Ethics in the Workplace.

What is business ethics? In what way do the ethical responsibilities of managers differ from the ethical responsibilities of regular employees? What creates this difference?

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Conceptually, business ethics is "the applied ethics discipline that addresses the moral features of commercial activity" (Marcous, 2008). A more direct definition of business ethics is the practice and policies involving a company's actions throughout its organization and in the marketplace. It includes items like employee relations, corporate governance, discrimination, social responsibility and accounting practices. Frequently, rules and regulations or the law determine corporate ethics. For instance, while most people would acknowledge that is it unethical to participate in insider trading, it is also against the law. The purpose of business ethics is to establish a reasonable framework of expectations that consumers, employees, organizations and governments can expect from one another. This practice encourages behavior that is honorable and fair to all involved.
Ethics are an important factor for businesses and impact their standing within the community and the law. Consider the negative publicity that incurs when organizations act unethically, like the Enron scandal. Within organization it is the responsibility of managers to ensure that an organization has a guiding code of ethics. In part this is a personal issue. Those employees, either managers or employees, found acting against the code can face termination and legal ...

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This detailed solution discusses ethics in the workplace. It defines business ethics and explains in what way the ethical responsibilities of managers differ from the ethical responsibilities of regular employees. It also explains what creates this difference. Includes APA formatted references.

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Opinions on Internet in the workplace

Please give your personal opinions regarding the two responses below... No right or wrong answers...( 1 small paragraph 3-4 sentences each response)

The internet breaks many boundaries. Among them are the political and geographic ones. The internet flattens the world and can facilitate business in many ways. However, e-commerce may face ethical and legal issues similar to those found in traditional business. The difference here is that companies are not in direct (face-to-face) contact or limited to a particular jurisdiction. So, in order to resolve disputes and determine in which jurisdiction the fault occurred, the "sliding-scale standard" has gradually been developing. This standard has identified three types of internet contacts. Depending on the contact, it has been decided which jurisdiction is proper or improper. If I had my own business, I will audit the site often so no mistakes are made. In addition, it will be set up to exclusively sale to California customers. I believe this is ethical so long as there is a disclaimer and that non-California customers are properly blocked. Buyers would have to acknowledge that if any legal matters arise, they would be resolved where the salesperson is. I would have an e-business only to save money in office space and paperwork. However, most corporations do business nationally and internationally because that is where the money is.

What specific standard is applied to a company whose only contact with a forum state is through its Internet site?

I think with any eBusiness information is key and using the "sliding-scale" standard would be a factor. A scale in which indicated prices, taxes, or wages vary in accordance with another factor, as wages with the cost-of-living index or medical charges with a patient's income.

If you had an eBusiness, what could you do in order to limit your liability to suit in multiple jurisdictions?

Now, if I had an eBusiness I would have an all consumer's sign for liability. I would have and I would definitely go through a Limited Liability Corporation to help with the process. Companies with limited liability exist in business law world-wide, however the Limited Liability Company is a specific legal structure defined by the laws of states of the United States and with quite different characteristics

In your opinion, would your plan be ethical? Why or why not?

Yes this would be ethical because it would protect me, my company and the customer. If at anytime a customer is unhappy I will be able to correct the issue in a good lawful manner.

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