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Leadership Skills

Leadership Styles as Per Personality

Your manager tells you about a new department the company will be adding that is part of the company's strategic plan to enter a particular market segment. Your manager would like you to manage one of the teams in this new department. Your manager has put together the team you will be managing. Your new team consists of the memb

People Side of Change & Organization Design - Discussion

Read this article related to individual initiative and commitment to the job and the organization: Write a summary of the article. Include the following: - A paragraph summarizing the primary components of the article. - A paragraph presenting your analysis of

Four (4) Theories of Leadership

Please describe the following leadership theories for understanding: Attributional theory, Transactional (charismatic) theory, Substitutes for Leadership theory, and Emotional Intelligence theory.

Readiness for Organizational Change

Consider the article: Shea, C., Jacobs, S., Esserman, D., Bruce, K., and Weiner, B. (2014). Organizational readiness for implementing change: A psychometric assessment of a new measure. Implementation Science, 9(7). doi: 10.1186/1748-5908-9-7 Write a well-written, two paragraph summary of the article. Include the fol

Expert Power and Leadership

Please help by discussing the following topic: When managers have specialized knowledge about a task, a person, or an organization that others value, they have the potential for expert power. Expert power may include, communication, interpersonal skills, scientific knowledge, and so on. In your own words, what is expert pow

Decision Making: Individual Vs. Group

Compare and contrast individual and group decision-making. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Are there certain decisions that are better suited to individual decision-making? What bounded awareness issues are found in individual versus group decision-making?

Leading by Example

One of the toughest aspects of being a leader is that you're always onstage. People are always watching you, always talking about you, always testing your credibility. That's why setting the right example is so important, and why it's essential to make use of all the tools you have available to set the example. If your own wo

Leadership Theories and Applications

1. Choose a minimum of three leadership theories - these could include Path Goal Theory, Contingency Theory, Transformational Leadership Theory, Member Leader Theory, Team Leadership Theory, and Psychodynamic Leadership Theory, to name a few. For each of your chosen theories, use at least two peer reviewed journal articles that

Quality of Health Care

Can you help me with these questions, with references: - Quality is one of the three most important parts of healthcare success or lack thereof (cost control and access are the other two). - Identify a quality improvement program in a health care setting of your choice from your readings and/or personal experience. List the

Changing Management and Leadership in Healthcare Systems

I need some ideas to conceptualize this questions below: Health care managers in the 21st century are required to perform many different tasks that require many different leadership styles and characteristics. Identify a management scenario in a health care setting of your choice from your readings . Discuss the tasks involved,

Values and challenges of leadership

Read the three documents - Discuss some of the leadership problems or opportunities that ea

Leadership Skills - Transformational leadership

Provide 2-3 specific examples of transformational leadership that you have personally witnessed or are familiar with. Would you characterize these leaders as being charismatic or not? Based on the this weeks readings, how important is charisma to facilitating groups?


How much influence do you think a department's or organization's culture has on its overall success? Defend your response with specific examples. Describe your dream organization and its organizational structure. How did you come to this conclusion?

observation paper

The paper needs to have required elements, and needs to be APA style. Please edit the paper if it does not meet the requirement. Thank you in advance. Observation Paper By completing the observation paper, students will meet the requirements of outcomes 1 and 2: develop and implement strategies that establish con

Learning Theory for Leaders

I have been given the task of creating a learning solution that I am in serious need of assistance and guidance on completing: (I have attached the design template for this assignment) Your challenge for this course is to design a case-based learning solution for non-learning leaders wanting to understand learning theory. •

Literature review- leadership and team

- Using the research from your literature review, examine how your chosen approach could impact your organization's leaders' ability to exert influence on others and thereby impacting team effectiveness. - Explain how the leaders' leadership approach could impact team member relationships and their cohesion. - Lastly, using a

Managing Change

Support all answers 1. Do you think that Dick Spencer has incurred many personal costs in his career so far? What are they? 2. Would you be willing to work as hard as Dick to be as successful as Dick? What is success to you? 3. At the Modrow plant, describe Dick's style of managing. Was this style conducive to chang

Important Leadership Traits

Pick three traits from the list in Exhibit 2.1 that you think would be most valuable for a leader in an operational role. Pick three that you think would be most valuable for a leader in a collaborative role. In at least a paragraph for each trait, explain your choice for the trait and role. Use your own examples, thoughts and e

Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Use the article attached to, - Examine the linkage between Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Transformational Leadership. - Analyze the impact of a leader's emotional intelligence on transformational leadership. - identify and discuss three examples of positive emotions that impact transformational leadership. 500 words

Job Conditions and Leadership Initiatives

1. Show the impact emotional labor has on employees. 2. Describe affective events theory and identify its applications. 3. Contrast the evidence for and against the existence of emotional intelligence. 4. Contrast the three components of an attitude. 5. Summarize the relationship between attitudes and behavior. 6. Summarize

Leader-Member Exchange Theory

- Using the Leader-Member Exchange Theory, discuss the dynamics between the leader and the in-group and out-group members. How does the in-group and out-group concept impact the leader-subordinate relationship? - Identify and describe examples of in-group and out-group roles within your current or previous organizations. How

Rules of Becoming A Successful Business Leader: Dave Thomas

Using leadership theories, analyze Dave Thomas as a successful leader to identify characteristics and provide specific examples of leadership qualities you think contributed to his success. Evaluate your own leadership style and identify your own leadership characteristics as a delegator. An exceptional leader realizes that h

Legally Required Benefits

What are the legally required benefits, and why are they required by law? Also discuss when (and if) they may be waived.

Workplace Benefits

Discuss what you think is the most important benefit, and why. Has your opinion changed over the years? Why or why not? Would the availability or absence of this benefit affect your decision to remain at a company? Explain. Is this important for the HR department to know?